We Serve Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Garden City, Kuna, Star and Nampa

Dog Walkers in Boise, ID

At The Pet Sitter of Boise, we are often asked if we walk dogs, too. Yes! Our business is pet sitting and dog walking! Our team consists of experienced dogs walkers who have a wealth of dog knowledge and a love of dogs. Our team members are background checked, bonded,...

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Dog Kennel and Cat Boarding Alternatives

It’s summer. Everyone’s on vacation, and now it’s your turn, too. But, the dogs can’t go with you. What will you do? You have a business trip. You’re busy right up to the time you have to leave. The pets need care. What are the choices? While there are many kennel...

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Snowmageddon 2017

The first two weeks in 2017 were the snowiest in 30 years in Boise. It snowed, and rained, and then the snow melted, and created ice, and slush! When we thought it was over, the cycle started again. It was crippling. Cars were getting stuck in the deep snow. There...

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Top Five Dog Dangers on Thanksgiving

As a dog owner, you must be hyper aware of all the things that could harm your dog. During walks, you carefully watch that you dog doesn’t eat anything off the ground, and in your backyard, you use the best dog fence possible to keep your dog from getting lost. When...

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Will You Be There for Us?

The one word answer is ‘Yes!’ Our purpose for being is to be there for you and your pets! Recently, we have had calls from clients of several other solo pet sitters. While the clients love their pet sitters, they are often stunned to find out, usually right before...

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