We are celebrating our 13th year in business this year! It’s hard to believe we’ve been around this long. The years have flown by.  I started the business in 2003. I never intended for my business to be anything but me. Now were are 24 employees strong and growing! It has been an exciting ride and we have some lofty goals for 2016 focused on bringing superior service to our clients and the pets entrusted to our care.

Here are some of our goals:

PetTech training: We’ve researched all the available pet first aid courses and we believe PetTech offers the most complete and comprehensive training. For more information, or to take a class yourself, see their website; http://www.pettech.net/index.php

Software: While we’ve had pet sitting software from the start, we rolled it out to our employees early this year. This allows them to access instructions on their smart phones. We are exploring other, more advance software that will include the following:

  • Easier scheduling for our clients
  • GPS log in and out of our sitters
  • An ongoing, permanent email log of the pet care updates, including photos.
  • Streamlined billing and invoicing

We are very excited about this new pet sitting software.

Updated Employee Handbook and Training:  We are nearing completion of our updated employee handbook and training manual. These two documents are the foundation of our business. We hired two excellent professional writers to help us with these. Our goal is to provide safe and supurb care at even higher levels than in the past.

Advanced Hiring Practices: In addition to background checks and interviews, we implemented assessment testing to our interview process.

We are excited about our recent changes and hope to provide greater peace of mind to our pet sitting and dog walking clients in the new year.

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