At The Pet Sitter of Boise, we are often asked if we walk dogs, too. Yes! Our business is pet sitting and dog walking! Our team consists of experienced dogs walkers who have a wealth of dog knowledge and a love of dogs. Our team members are background checked, bonded, and insured employees (not independent contractors) who care deeply for the pets they care for.

Please call us at 208-484-2969 and we’ll try to answer your questions about our dog walking service. Here are some FAQ’s.

Q: May I specify the time my dog(s) is walked?

A: Yes! We can usually commit to the specific time (or very close to it) that you specify.


Q: Will I meet my walker and will I have the same walker each time?

A: We work as a team. You will meet your primary walker. We try very hard to have the same walker, but, like the rest of us, our walkers require time off for vacation, illness, and various other reasons. When this happens, another team member fills in. Your primary walker will update the other walker(s) on the specifics of your dog, home and other details. We also use state of the art software that allows us to update information.


Q: How can I be sure my dog was walked?

A: Our state of the art software marks the GPS location of the walker when he/she arrives and leaves, the time is recorded, and you will receive updates and photos showing your dog being walked. Our clients love this and it gives great peace of mind.


Q: Why should I choose you over those found on an app, for a lower rate?

A: Our walkers are hand selected, trained, bonded, insured, background checked, and trained. We watch the sitters check in and out of jobs and, if an emergency arises, we immediately send another team member to cover the visit.  Our office is in Boise, ID, not a call center in India. Which would you prefer to call for help? We have 32 employees, so rest assured we have you covered.


Q: What if it is too hot or cold to walk my dog?

A: We discuss this with you, but oftentimes we spend time in the back yard as an alternative to walking in extreme weather. Your dogs’ health is our top concern.


Q: What if I get stuck at work and need a dinner walk/visit?

A: Once you are established with us, we can jump to serve in an emergency. We are here for you.


Q: Do I have to have you walk my dog every week day?

A: No, we’ll customize a plan to meet your needs. Some of our clients have us walk their dogs 2 days per week so they can meet with friends after work, run errands, or work a longer day without worrying about getting home to let their dog out.
We hope this helps. We are there for you are your dog! Give us a call to discuss your needs and we’ll be walking your dog soon!

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