Cozy Cat Resort is the Boise area’s newest premier cat boarding facility. Designed with cats in mind, we tried to think of everything to make your cats stay the best possible.

At Cozy Cat Resort, we understand that leaving your cat behind can be stressful, so we strive to provide a home away from home for your furry companion. Our facility is staffed by experienced cat lovers dedicated to ensuring your cat’s happiness and well-being during their stay.

cozy cat resort boise cat boarding

Boarding in a conventional pet kennel, with dogs and other animals, can add to stress as dogs are barking, and dog smells fill the air. Cat-only boarding facilities specialize in cats, and these facilities are much preferable for most cats. A quiet, serene environment, extra measures to keep fresh air circulating, calm music playing, and play and cuddle time enhance your cat’s experience. Knowing your cat is in a great environment and getting exceptional care by cat-loving caregivers also adds to your peace of mind so you can enjoy your time away worry free!

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