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New Client Consultation $25

This one time registration fee includes the New Client Meet and Greet, a lockbox for you to keep, and Time to Pet software app and portal set-up.

During the Meet and Greet, you will meet your primary sitter and he/she will get to know you and your pets. We will learn your pet/home care routine, determine the best place for your lockbox (with key), and pick up a back-up key for the office. Please have two keys ready at this meeting.

Consultations/Interviews without Scheduling: See Policies and Tips page for more information.

Mid – Day Dog Walking

Are you working long hours, or constantly rushing home to let your dog out? Whether we walk your dog daily or just on your busiest days, mid-day walks help you balance your time better, while giving your dog a break. Now you can stop at the gym, grocery store, or get together with friends without feeling guilty. When your day extends beyond 8 hours because of a meeting or project deadline, you do not have to stress out about your dogs. Our clients love getting photos and updates while they work. You will arrive home to a content dog happy to see you, but relaxed and ready to just hang out with you.

Mid-day dog walks are also an excellent option if you are laid up for medical reasons, busy with a new baby, or a variety of other reasons you just can’t get out to walk the dog.

Choose a 30 or 60 minute walk, or longer. Walks need not just be mid-day. We will accommodate any time for the dog walk that you desire, from 8 am-9pm,

Benefits of Daily Walks:

  1. Your dog will enjoy getting out and about instead of laying around or growing restless all day. Getting some fresh air and a brisk walk keeps your dog healthy and happy.
  2. Less tendency to destroy things around the house as a way to release pent-up energy or anxiety.
  3. Getting out mid-day allows your dog to relieve himself outside. Let’s face it…8-9 hours is a long time to hold it.



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