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Thanks again to you, Katie and Andrea. It was very nice to come home to a clean house and well cared for pets.

Terri M. – Boise, ID

You are the best! Thanks for taking such personal care of our dogs!

Marcia P. – Boise, ID

We called you guys in a pinch when both our cat boarding places were full! You came with tons of paperwork proving your ligitimacy, set up an appointment to meet on our schedule, and immediately impressed us with your credentials. Getting daily pictures of our cat was soothing and reassuring, and we saw her being spoiled rotten! We enjoyed knowing she was in very good hands and appreciate your kindness and pride in your work very much!

Karen & Brian

Hi Julie we are home. Marcy was just fabulous and I love the text updates! We have a short trip in Oct so I will register online. So Happy…many thanks!!!

Carol & Joe

Julie and Audrey took care of our dogs for one week. This was our first time using Pet Sitter of Boise and we were extremely happy with everything. Although we weren’t able to see them immediately as our phones didn’t work much of the time we were away, the updates and pictures gave us the peace of mind to know our babies were okay and being well taken care of. Plus, our dogs were much happier being at home than at the kennel. We will absolutely use Pet Sitter of Boise again next time we go out of town!

Laura & Eric, Boise, ID

We have used The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC many times for our Bassets, George and Duchess. Our dogs are so happy and Duchess doesn’t lose her voice from barking in the kennels all day. George likes the extra attention. Julie is always accommodating and she is always flexible with our last minute plans. We always come home to happy and healthy dogs. We never worry when they are cared for by The Pet Sitter

The Harness Family

I have the upmost confidence in the quality of care provided by Julie Fredrick, The Pet Sitter of Boise. I always know that my fur-kids are in the best of hands when ever we are out of town. Raw food, medications, even sub-Q fluids are handled with ease. There is nothing quite like receiving those up-to-the-minute texts stating that “All is well at home” after each visit. I don’t know what we would do without her! Her service gives us the freedom to travel to shows and have great peace of mind for those left behind. Thank you Julie!

Carole M., Boise, ID

Our dog was being babysat in Boise and we were California. Our return date to the Boise area was abruptly changed by 2 days and the people watching our dog could not keep her the extra days. We knew no one else in the Boise area as we do not live there. We had no proof of vaccination on hand and could not find a boarding kennel to help us. All the vet offices were closed. We called 6 kennels, 3 vets, the spca humane society and begged for help but received none. Lucklily we found Julie, The Pet Sitter of Boise who found us a place for our dog to stay and they picked her up and transported her to the new place. The care, compassion and understanding by The Pet Sitter of Boise is remarkable! We cannot thank Julie enough for rescuing our beloved pet when we were in such a dire situation.

Kathi & Bree, Moscow, ID

Fabio was so happy and content when I returned home! I can tell he was well cared for. Where can I write a review for your business? 5+ stars for sure!

Evan R. – Boise, ID

Thank you again for amazing service.

Mara M. – Boise, ID

Hi Julie. Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for the great care you gave our cats while we were away this summer. Leaving them, especially our sweet blind Belly, is always difficult. But knowing you were in charge, we were able to relax and enjoy our vacations. Thank you and happy new year! Jeff, Sheila, Farian, Belly, Mimi, Frito and Tuppy!

Jeff and Sheila R. – Boise

I have a 2 year old lab. He is what I like to call, “an enthusiastic greeter”. He also has a bit a separation anxiety. I have been thrilled to have stumbled upon Julie and her employees who have allowed me to travel and not worry about leaving my enthusiastic greeter at home. They have been professional, loving, and I love updates I receive (with photos!!) every time they interact with my pup. Thank you so very much!!!

Jennifer W.

Julie and Tory shared the sitting duties for our pets, corgi Summer and cat Indie. This is the first time we have used their services and we were so happy! We got texts and nice pictures every day we were away, and they checked to see that we got home ok. Tory even washed the sheets and re-made the bed! Wow!

Anne B.

We are relocating to Spokane and it’s been a slow process but the pugs moved last week. So sadly we won’t be using your wonderful dog services anymore. I’m searching for some alternative up here, but I have a feeling nothing will compare to the care that our pugs got from you and your sitters. Thank you very much for the years of great care, if the kids could talk I’m sure they will miss the hands that fed them when daddies were gone!

Lance M.

Thanks for always taking such good care of our crazy dogs! Cosmo, Milly, Lola, and Shilo (from heaven) thank you! We always took comfort in knowing we didn’t have to worry about our “children” while they were with you.

Jason and Dr. Sarah Ahola DVM Meridian, ID

This is just a note of thanks for taking such good care of Jessie over the New Years’ holiday. She came home happy and as always, very playful (-; It was apparent she’d had a great time with you and all your canine friends.

C.C. Boise, ID

Julie was fantastic with my cats while I was on vacation, giving lots of TLC and taking the extra time with Amber, my shy one — even making a return visit to check on her when she hid out during Julie’s original visit. The daily texts let me know that everyone was doing well. I feel better about future trips knowing there’s someone who will take such good care of Buddy and Amber while I’m gone. Thanks Julie!!

Janet C. Boise, ID

I’m so glad to have you!!!

Heidi H. – Boise

Tiffany did a great job! She kept us informed (texts) and everyone did fine while we were away. Thanks for your great service!

Jim and Karen Y. Boise, ID

Just a note to say thanks for the great job you did with the dogs. Really appreciate it and we will definitely call on you again when the need arises.

Frank H. – Boise, ID

Thank you so much for the peace of mind you give us when we go on vacation! It means so much to know our “kids” are being well cared for and loved! Sometimes I think they wish you came every day!!

John, Cheryl, Max & Abby Y. Boise, ID

Thank you so much for the great pet sitting! We really appreciate being able to leave our gang at home and not stress out! Thank you!

Char H. – Meridian, ID

Scott – Thanks for your detailed texts.They are really a comfort when we are gone. (-; You are an excellent pet sitter!

Cindy L – Boise

Everything looks great…thanks. It’s nice to trust my animals and home to you….and I will be calling you again for sure!

Bette S. Kuna, ID

Thank you for making me feel comfortable with leaving them home for longer than I have ever left them. You are amazing! Thank you!

Lori H – Boise

Hi there Julie – I wanted to say “Thank you” for letting me know about the water issue behind the washer. It was actually a faulty water valve that had to be replaced, and all appears to be working fine now.

Ed P. – Boise, ID

Last night I returned home and had a wonderful reunion with Janty. Thank you for providing your pet sitting services on such short notice! I can’t imagine taking Janty to a kennel when I travel… Your service is just the right solution for us!

Maureen S. – Boise

We are home safe and sound and all the critters look fabulous! Thank you so much. Maggie did a fantastic job. I really appreciate all that she has done! It gives me such peace of mind knowing that the girls are being so well taken care of! Many thanks!

Diane J. – Boise

I’m so proud of Abby as she has warmed up to Bob. He’s wonderful with her. She is building her confidence up with each day! Thank you !

Corrina J. – Boise

Thank you sooooo much for taking care of Princess and watching the house. Wow. Did we ever feel relieved knowing you were here checking on things. We would love to use you in the future.

Cindy M. – Boise

Thanks so much for taking care of our kitties! They are all looking happy and healthy. We really appreciate the great job you do here.

Jason S. Boise

Julie, thank you so much for taking care of our babies while we were gone! We cannot recommend The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC – Pet Sitting and Dog Walking in Boise, ID enough. Typically, our three cats have a hard time while we are gone, but with Julie taking care of them we arrived home to three very well cared for cats. They were happy and healthy and didn’t complain like they normally do after a trip. ALL of our cat boxes were clean (that’s four!), the fish were fed, and there wasn’t any indication of kitty accidents (which normally happens when we’re away). Julie took care of our cats as if they were her own and it shines through. THANK YOU

Ashy, Bandit, Stella, Gene, and Steph

Thank you so much for caring for Merlin , it means so much to have someone reliable, extremely competent and trustworthy who also loves animals to care for Merlin

Craig T – Boise, ID

My four cats and two dogs simply adored their time with Julie when she lived and worked in SC. My babies were well cared for and totally relaxed when I returned from my long trips, thanks so much to Julie! The Pet Sitter is simply the best in the West!

The Crawfords – Aiken, SC

I really can’t explain how happy your care has made me, and how easy you’ve made my time on the road. Many things in life don’t much matter to me, but, animals mean everything, and it’s been just wonderful to know how happy they are. My job here is SO much easier when I am not thinking about home, or wondering if they are really happy, or whether Bibi’s medicine is working out alright. Just hearing how you care for them has given me a wonderful summer so far! Thank you so much.

Mary L. – Kuna, ID

We wanted you to know how much your care and concern for Yang means to us. You both went above and beyond our expectations! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Tammy A – Boise

Please let us know where to send the tip. You guys did and awesome job!

Jeff B. – Boise

Everything is great and the dogs are happy! Thank you so much for taking such wonderful care of our spoiled (yet sweet) babies!

Tori B – Boise

We made it home just after midnight. Toni was happy to see us but definitely not as “needy” acting as she has been when we’ve taken long trips other times. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful care and attention you give Toni. It makes traveling more care free for me. I loved getting your email updates… made us chuckle.Thanks again and Happy Holidays!

Lisa A. – Boise

You really make our winter more enjoyable because we don’t worry about the Boise house!

Jodi B. – Boise, ID

My friend came by to visit the animals today. She left me a message and said that the kids all looked fabulous, happy and content. Thanks again Julie for everything!

Marianne B. – Kuna, ID

Hi Julie, I cannot thank you enough for sending Torrie our way! She was fantastic and we will definitely be requesting her in the future! Not only were our dogs very relaxed when we got home, you could also tell she was very respectful of our home as well. It’s so nice to finally have someone to take care of our precious babies while we are gone!!! Thanks again,

Jackie B. Eagle, ID

Thank YOU for being the gal who Cooper and Owen LOVE to spend time with! It’s such a load off our minds to not have to worry about how they’re doing or if they’re happy when we’re gone!

Teeocka and Dean S. – Boise, ID

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our girls! It was so nice to be on vacation and not worry so much about how they were doing. The twice daily emails were something we looked forward to reading each day! It really was comforting to know that they were being loved and cared for by someone who really cared about their well-being. I could tell when we got home that they were both calm and happy. I think they were both looking for you yesterday evening wondering where their new friend was!

You really did a wonderful job not only with taking care of the girls but also with all the extra things like the mail, blinds, etc. We will definitely be contacting you again in the future when we have out of town plans. Thank you again for taking such good care of everything.

K.S. Meridian, ID

I know Boots will be very happy to have you, his best friend, here that week. He is very content when I come home and I know that is because you are familiar and take such good care of him and his quircky bathtub drinking habit.

Karen M. – Boise, ID

We would like to Thank Julie and her team for the awesome care and love they show for our cats. We recently had a very loved cat “Drive-in” pass away while we were on vacation. When Julie emailed us the news we were devastated at his passing but very grateful for the 15 years of love he gave us. We were so thankful that Julie had already taken care of finalities by the time we arrived home. We would highly recommend pet sitter of Boise and will continue to use their services for their professionalism and kindness.

Cindy H.

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Noodle and Cami. The dogs and the house were in great shape when we got home last night. Cami jumped around for about 5 minutes and then said the heck with this and walked up the stairs, got on her bed and went to sleep. She clearly was not fazed that we were gone for a week.

Danielle P. – Boise

We always feel so much better when we know you all are taking care of our babies. And, we love the text updates (-;

Travis and Annie E., Boise, ID

Thank you SO much, Julie. I’ve never been more comfortable leaving her before. You really inspire confidence. Have a great weekend!

Ed R. – Boise, ID

I am so happy I found someone I feel I can really trust. Our pets are very important to us.

Ginny – Meridian, ID

Thank you so much for taking great care of our kitties. We got home yesterday about noon and they were very happy to see us. They followed us around the house for the rest of the evening which was very cute. You did an incredible job both caring for the cats and taking care of the minor messes that ensued. We’ll be using this service every time we leave town now- you ladies rock!!! Julie- We’ve had great experiences with the staff that have come to our house- kudos to you and your team!

Jason & Stephanie S. – Boise

This is the first trip my husband and I have taken in 10 years that we both feel comfortable being gone. We are so happy we found you!

DeAnn and Rich R. Boise, ID

Just wanted to drop a note & thank you for another great session of cat sitting!  Dava is so good to the “kids” & they really seem to like her a lot.  She’s done an excellent job!
I didn’t think at first that the texts & pics would matter very much, but I can’t tell you how glad I am to see them while we’re gone to know everybody’s OK (& usually being silly!)–it’s gone a long way to reassuring me that they’re getting the best of care & the house is being watched, too.
You’ve created a great service that has really helped us out enormously & lifted a great worry off our shoulders!!
Thanks again!
Sharon S – Meridian, ID

My two kitties and I lived at a local hotel while on a 5-month work assignment in Boise. I had concerns about leaving the cats alone in a strange place with new pet sitters when I had to travel. Once I met Julie and Susan, I was totally at ease. Julie was professional and thorough at our first meeting, and Susan was observant about where everything was stored, asking detailed questions about the kitties’ routine. While away, I received twice daily text messages — often with photos attached — letting me know how Mason and Missy were doing. It was clear from their notes that Julie and Susan were spending lots of time with the kitties, playing and just hanging out with them on the sofa. I never had to wonder what was going on and how they were doing, which made being away from them a lot les stressful. I highly recommend Julie and her team — they have spoiled me!

Teresa V. – Boise

Pam did an excellent job, I think we want to adopt her into our family:). We would definitely use your service again, it was beyond anything we expected. We not only received excellent service, we feel like we gained some new friends.

Rick and Christy H. – Boise

Hi Julie, Maggie and Lyndie were fabulous. Everything could not have been better! I’m so pleased. I will definitely be calling again. Many thanks!

Diane J – Boise

I value your pet sitting service because it is 150% reliable. You do what you say you’ll do. I don’t have to worry or wonder about that. You and your sitters are the kind of people I want in my house, caring for my pet.

Paula P. – Boise

Thanks again for always taking such good care of Ziggy and for being so accommodating and flexible. We really appreciate having someone that we trust taking care of our “Baby”. Thanks again!

The Zambukus Family – Eagle, ID

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our kitties! We were able to enjoy our vacation knowing they were in Connie and Tomi’s expert and loving hands! The daily updates and photos were the first thing we looked forward to every morning during our trip. We are so happy to have found the wonderful team at The Pet Sitter, a big thank you again!!

Alexandra H. – Boise, ID

Thanks Julie for the awesome job you do for the other members of our family. We no longer worry about picking up stressed out pets from having them boarded. They might give us a few dirty looks for not getting to come along… but they are much more at ease when we return.

Lynnette B.

I am so thankful that we found you and your wonderful pet sitting service! It is such a pleasure to work with you and your team…and know that our very precious family is in your hands when we travel. Our best to you! I so appreciate your help  when we go out of town. I’ll keep you posted on Skyja’s recovery, and especially thank YOU for all of the extra effort you put into getting her to the Vet, gathering her meds, cooking up her special diet, and getting more dog kibble for Bear, Dot, and Star.

Jerry and Becky O. – Eagle, ID

I loved the emails from Cathy and it was fun to hear how my cats interact with someone else. I did not know Lilly would be as friendly as she was. I did know about Bootsy desire for a clean kitty box. Thanks, you provide a great service.

Lisa R. – Meridian, ID

We feel so much better with you guys taking care of our kids… it makes traveling less streesful, thank you!

Lance M. – Boise

Thank you for the text message update. I’m at ease knowing you are in charge.

Chet W., Boise, ID

We really love the service you give us and the attention to detail. You are the best we have had!

Wendy G. – Boise

I just want to say thank you again. Scott took fantastic care of Noodle and Cami while I was gone. Noodle had her check up yesterday and Dr. Murphy was happy with her progress and how her wound is healing. Noodle will be starting physical therapy on Friday to get her strength back in her leg. I would not have been able to go on my business trip if Scott wouldn’t have been willing to live at our house for so long each day so thank you, thank you thank you! Thanks again. We give your business rave reviews to our friends and co-workers!

Danielle P. – Boise

I’m sure you hear it all the time, but words really cannot describe the peace of mind that comes with knowing your animals and house are being cared for by a professional. Even when I’ve had a friend or family member take care of them, there’s always concern that they may forget or be too busy. Thanks again.

Amir R. – Boise

Just wanted to say I had a wonderful experience with Susan taking care of my dog, cat, turtle, and fish for a whole 17 days. I was pleased with the emails to know how everyone was doing. The animals were happy, plants well watered and my floors were even swept Susan was even able to deal with the ants eating the dog food. I was very pleased and now know who to call for the next vacation!!

Jessia B – Boise, ID

Wow. I love your business model! It’s so easy to schedule on your site.

Mark P. Boise, ID

I struggle to find words to describe how wonderful it was to watch Mazie sitting with Scott after my return today. She obviously felt comfortable, safe, loved and well cared for. Gus the cat feels the same. What more could a pet owner ask for their furry family members? We are so grateful for the services you offer and in particular for Scott. He has become not only a “member of the pack” for Mazie and Gus but we consider him a member of our extended family as well. Thanks for making such a difference! We never worried about “the kids” once while we were gone.

Dr. Deb D. -Boise, ID

Thanks for providing this service! We really have peace of mind when we leave town for an extended time as we know Jazz is having fun with your great sitters!

David D.

Thank you for getting back to us so fast. We appreciate the way you run your business & how well you take care of our pets.

Harry O. Meridian, ID



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