15873029_1340522499355254_7366725551120554876_nThe first two weeks in 2017 were the snowiest in 30 years in Boise. It snowed, and rained, and then the snow melted, and created ice, and slush! When we thought it was over, the cycle started again. It was crippling. Cars were getting stuck in the deep snow. There were 5 consecutive snow days for the kids!

How did we survive? Teamwork! The Pet Sitter of Boise has 28 employees. We helped each other out and worked as a team. Those with vehicles that could get through the mess took over for those who couldn’t get through the snow mess. The team worked together to make sure all the pets were cared for. We all went into problem solving mode…the team came up with plans A,B, and C.

Fortunately, our model is to have mini teams in each territory. The sitters stay close to home. That way, they can get to the pets in all kinds of weather, sometimes even walking to the jobs. If one sitter has a car that can’t make it, another sitter with an SUV jumps in. Most importantly, the sitters love the pets and go to great lengths to make sure they are well taken care of.

15871613_1340521426022028_5159372781955718389_nThe pictures show some of the challenges we faced. The tree is in front of Kathleen’s garage. She couldn’t get her car out! No worries though…Pat took over and they did not miss a beat. The flood was at another sitter’s house. She, too, was house bound, just trying to keep the flooding in her basement under control. There again, the other sitter’s all came to the rescue. Our Time to Pet software has all the pet and home info. The sitters can access this anytime. Plus, the team communicates well. We’ve got this!

Rest assured, if you are laying on a beach, or cruising the high seas, The Pet Sitter of Boise staff will be there for your pets. You can have peace of mind knowing that your pets are our top priority, and despite the challenges we might face in times like this, we work it out by working together.

Happy New Year…stay warm and dry and let us tend to the pets!

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