At The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC, we realize that owning pets is not a one size fits all proposition. While we would like to think that leaving your pets at home and having one of our wonderful pet sitters is the best, this simply isn’t best for every pet. Sometimes, after reviewing a potential client’s needs, we will recommend boarding instead.

Things we feel are important when looking for a boarding facility:

  1. Cleanliness: Is the entire facility clean? How often are the kennels disinfected? What does your nose test reveal?
  2. Potty routine: How early and how late are the first and last outs? How often do the dogs get let out to potty? We were surprised to learn that some kennels have their last out at 7pm and first out at 7am. Is 12 hours too long to go without a potty break? Where is the potty area? Is it painted concrete, stones or grass? Will your dog’s potty habits be kept intact? Or will they be required to adjust?
  3. Bedtime: What time do the dogs go to bed and is there any late let out?
  4. Exercise: Do the dogs play in groups or separate? How often do they get excercised?
  5. Safety: Are the dog handlers trained in safety?
  6. Staff: What is your overall impression of the staff?
  7. Access to Vet: If the facility adjacent to the veterinarian office? If not, what is the process for caring for a sick dog?
  8. After hours staff/monitoring: Is there someone on the premises at all times? If not, are there cameras/monitoring in place.
  9. Overall stress level: How many dogs are boarded at one time? While touring the facility, what do your 5 senses tell you? Do the dogs look happy or anxious?
  10. Cost: What is the rate and what does the rate include? What are the add-ons and what do they cost?

It’s important to tour the entire facility and ask a lot of questions. A beautiful lobby with a friendly receptionist does not ensure it is a great facility. You can’t always judge a book by the cover applies here.

Recommendations for the Boise, Meridian and Canyon County areas:

Canyon Rim Kennels (Caldwell, ID): Clean, low stress, extremely reasonable. Mature staff. Lots of time outside. Low stress. We love this kennel. It’s in Caldwell, but worth the drive. It’s out in the country. We like that, too. Dogs potty in gravel yards.

Northwest Animal Hospital (Boise, ID):  Clean, well-managed, low stress, grassy potty area. This is part of the veterinary clinic.

Northwest Pet









Photo from Northwest Animal Hospital website.

All Valley Animal Care Center and Pet Resort (Meridian, ID): The cool thing about All Valley is that they are open 24/7 and attached to the 24/7 clinic. We have used them several times for emergency boarding situations. They have always been friendly and accommodating. All Valley offers easy highway access and reasonable rates, too. They have grooming onsite as well. The indoor turf offers grass-like potty area. They also have an outdoor grass potty area.

Photo of All Valley Animal Pet Resort Play area:

The Pet Sitter, LLC All Valley Boarding







We hope that providing you will options for your dogs, whether it’s kennel boarding, in-your-home pet care visits, or overnight pet care, you will be able to make the best care decision for your dog. Please do not hesitate to call The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC office at 208-484-2969 if you need advice, recommendations, or suggestions. We’re here to serve you and your pets.

All Paws Stay-N-Play

One of Boise’s newest daycare and boarding facilities. Family run, and lots of outdoor space. We like this place! Dogs can play all day and stay the night. Centrally located near the Boise Town Square Mall.

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