It’s summer. Everyone’s on vacation, and now it’s your turn, too. But, the dogs can’t go with you. What will you do? You have a business trip. You’re busy right up to the time you have to leave. The pets need care. What are the choices?

While there are many kennel choices in Boise, let’s face it…they are all jammed packed and stressful places. We’re not saying they are not well managed for a kennel, but they are still kennels. Your dog will go from a quiet home, or at least a home he’s familiar with, to a place with lots of barking and high energy levels. Plus, many of the kennels, even the popular ones, put the dogs away at 7pm and they are not out again until 7am. That’s a long time for them to either pee and poop in their kennel, or hold it. Plus, nobody is around for a full 12 hours. After all, the kennel workers need to relax, too.

There are many dog kennel and cat boarding alternatives.

-You can have the neighbour kid come over. Some things to consider here though…is the kid really responsible enough? Will he show up as scheduled? How will you know he has been there? If he oversleeps, then what? Does he have a back up plan? Who is liable if he gets hurt in your home, or if he causes damage to your home? Do you really want to live next door to someone who caused you harm or damage or vice versa? Things could get dicey. Also, sometimes neighbours expect you to care for their pets when they go on vacation. Are you prepared to reciprocate? There is a whole unique set of politics involved in getting the neighbours to help.

A solo pet sitter. Outwardly, this is a very attractive option. Your pets will get used to one person, and there will be one person to watch your pets. Here are things to consider. Does the person have a criminal record? Start by checking in the Idaho Repository. Also, ask to see a background check or ask for information to do a background check yourself. What is the sitter’s back-up plan? Are you comfortable with the back-up person? How fast can the back-up step in an emergency? Do you have someone who can step in if the sitter’s back-up fails? How will you know your sitter has done the visits? Will your sitter use software with GPS and messaging to prove she was there?

Hiring The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC is a great kennel alternative. Your pets can stay in the comfort of your home. Your dogs, cats and other pets don’t have to be doled out to various boarding places while you are trying to get ready for your trip. While you are gone, The Pet Sitter of Boise will take care of all the details. We have 32 professional pet sitters on staff. They are hand-picked employees. We watch the schedule all day to make sure your pets are seen as scheduled. If a sitter can’t make it for any reason, a back-up will quickly be put in her place. We work as a team, so the sitter would get all information to do the job. We also you state-of-the-art pet sitting software. The pet sitters have an app on their phone to check in and out of a job. Their location is GPS-marked and their time is also recorded. They send photos and updates from the app so you can rest assured your pets are seen and taken care of.

Please read our testimonials and Google reviews. We are proud of our team!

The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC is:

-A great alternative to dog kennels

-A great alternative to cat boarding

-A great alternative to friends/neighbours

-Cost effective pet care

-Inexpensive pet sitting

-Low stress pet care

-We offer great services including: Overnight pet care, cat sitting, dog sitting, pet sitting, dog babysitting, dog walking, and more!


We want to care for your pets! Please contact us for more information.

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