You don’t mind wet tongues on your face, fur on your clothes, or cats in your lap.

Let’s face it, when we’re around any type of pets (except maybe snakes, lizards, or fish) we are bound to end up with some type of fur on our clothes. This isn’t the end of the world. This just means we need to invest heavily in those sticky rollers and use them often. There is no greater joy than to let the dog jump in your lap, enjoy those kitty rubs, and get some loving, sloppy kisses from a four-legged friend.

You love being like a “grandma or grandpa”.

One of the benefits of pet sitting is the joy you feel when you can be the human who is always fun to be around. Sure, you have to draw the line sometimes, but often you can spoil Rover or Fluffy rotten, give them extra hugs and be off on your next pet adventure. You can even enjoy interesting creatures you dream about but would never want to actually own – a monkey, a snake, a gerbil, a parakeet, a horse. Have fun with them, take care of them, with no long-term commitment.

You aren’t the 8-5/M-F type.

Do you love to sleep in and stay up late? Do you wake before sunrise and get to bed before sunset? Are you happy having weekday hours free to do your shopping, banking, and gym workouts while you avoid the crowds? As a pet sitter, you might have some flexibility in planning your day, because pets are not on an 8-5 schedule. Avoid rush hour traffic as you make a last evening visit to that sweet border collie.

You are cool, calm, and collected in an emergency.

Can you provide basic first aid without keeling over at the sight of blood or vomit, and call for medical assistance if the situation needs to be escalated? Can you keep a level head and assess the situation for pets who might need emergency care? Are you able to clean up unexpected kitty and puppy messes, address basic household safety issues like water leaks and power outages, and make sure the fur-babies in your care get proper treatment?

You stick to your pet sitting plans over last minute invites from friends.

You love your friends, but if you’ve made a commitment to pet sit, can you honor that? Will you make it a priority to keep the pets in your care healthy and happy? If your friends call with a last minute trip to Vegas, can you assure them that you’ll go next time if they give you enough notice? Because right now little Fido needs some lap time and a few more treats.

You cherish the times you’re greeted enthusiastically at the door.

When you are a part time pet sitter, sometimes you might not feel all that appreciated when you make your first visit. Spot might hang in the corner, dreaming of bones and missing his human. Mitten might be curled up in her corner, waiting to be attended to hand and foot. Never fear, they still love and appreciate you and the joy you bring to their lives while their humans are away. And when they know they can count on you to be there every day their humans are gone, those pets will be eagerly awaiting your visit. There is nothing better than to open a door to joyous, enthusiastic dogs and cats, who jump and howl and mewl for your attention, maybe a little walk, and refills of kibble.

If you want that unconditional love you get from those precious pets you take care of, you are indeed an awesome caretaker. At the Pet Sitter of Boise, we are proud that all our caregivers have what it takes to be loving, conscientious pet sitters. Please call us for all your pet sitting needs!

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