Why Hire a Puppy Sitter?

Now there’s a happy puppy!





A puppy sitter? What is the difference between a dog sitter and a puppy sitter? A lot!

The training and care your puppy receives during his first year of life is critical! A good puppy sitter knows that puppies can be timid and shy and need a lot of encouragement and positive reinforcement. When hiring a pet sitter to puppy sit for you, be sure to ask for a sitter with lots of experience with puppies. Be sure to go over the commands for going to the bathroom, crating, etc. A good puppy sitter will follow your commands and follow the positive behavior with a small dog treat or a click and treat. Negative reinforcement is never to be used with young dogs. Repetition is also the key. Catching dogs doing positive behaviors, rewarding them and repeating the behavior is the way to properly train your dog. It’s not easy being patient, but it does work!

Boarding Puppies: If you are boarding your puppy, please be sure he is up to date on his shots. Puppies are fragile and especially susceptible to parvo, a life threatening disease.

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