I love pet sitting….except when bad things happen. And, unfortunately, they do happen. This past weekend, a bad thing happened. One of our old kitty clients, Amber, broke her leg. It is a mystery as to how it happened, but we suspect she tried to jump up onto something and fell back. She is 17 and in renal failure. Amber is a frail little orange kitty. She lost her front left leg when she was young, so she is what we call a tripod kitty as well.

Fortunately, the sitter caring for Amber, noticed something was “off” with her right away. Alyce called the owners and was in the car transporting Amber to West Vet within a few minutes.

Amber’s owners were as stunned as we were. They were in between flights, on their vacation, when they got Alyce’s call. Next, the great vets at West Vet, Dr. Patton, Dr. Brourman, and Dr. Carney x-rayed and examed her. They also ran blood tests. They concluded that Amber was strong enough for surgery. With modern anesthesia, the risk to Amber was low. Amber’s people deliberated..weighing the two options….surgery or euthanasia. Their decision was surgery. Amber is a special kittie with a strong heart, affectionate way, and positive, happy attitude. They could not let her go just yet.

Amber had surgery, and three days later is doing phenominal! She is coming home today.





Amber recovering at West Vet

I am very grateful to my pet sitters, Alyce and Scott. Alyce, for thinking on her feet, her great care, compassion and honesty. And Scott for staying with Amber 24/7 until the owners return from vacation this weekend. Both are great pet sitters who always put the pets first.

I am also thankful that we have a place like West Vet in Boise….I’m thankful for Lauren (vet nurse), Dr. Carney, Dr. Patton, and Dr. Brourman for their excellent care.

Now, let’s have an unventful week….and get back to the FUN aspects of pet sitting!

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