Weigh Your Pet Care Options:

 We all have been there. Sometimes, you just need to go out of town and you just can’t bring your dog, cat or caged animal with you. This really leaves you with only a handful of options for your pets:

 * Asking family and/or friends for help
* Boarding / Kennels / Dog Day Care
* Pet Sitting / Pet Sitters

 When it comes to asking family for help, this may be a good option for you. Can you trust someone with your pet? That is a hard question to answer. Personally, I have always found that asking a family member or friend to watch my pets while I go away to be asking a lot. It is proven that pets are at their happiest when they follow a daily routine, be giving a lot of attention, and also are comfortable with their surroundings. Are you pets good with other people? Do they have kids that may play rough? Is someone going to be around to provide your pets with the daily routine you know they need? If you feel comfortable saying yet to everything above, then using a friend or family member as a pet setter makes sense

 As a dog owner, I can truly say that boarding my pets is just not an option. Boarding your dog immediately causes a high amount of stress for your pets. Taking your pet out of their territory can cause pets to stop eating, have problems with their bowls, and worst yet, get really ill. Imagine being stressed for 24 hours a day with no break! Boarding too can also get rather expensive too. Boarding facilities can fill up rather quickly on a holiday, so most charge a top dollar to watch your pet. If you have multiple pets, plan to spend a lot more unless you are OK with both of them being in the same cage. Lastly, if you fly in and out of town, you may end up having to pay for additional days of service just because the office is closed.

 Using a pet sitter changed everything for me. All of my pet sitting clients also tell me the same thing. When you use a pet sitter, you really buy the peace of mind that your pet care is being covered by someone who is dedicated to your pet. Your pets can remain in their Frisco and Plano home, go to the bathroom when and where they normally do, and best yet, remain comfortable and safe at home! A good pet sitter will really get to know you and your pets, understand what their routines are, and also make sure they receive the attention your pets need while you are away. This is why using a pet sitting service is really a service for the pet owner than it is for your pets themselves. Nothing makes pet owners feel better than knowing that their pets and homes are being watched for when they go out of town.

 In conclusion, I too use a pet sitter for my dogs! Outside of the fact that providing them with a pet sitter at home is the safest and least stressful option for them, there really is nothing better in this world than to come home and have your pets greet you at the door!!


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