Is your dog walked daily by you or a dog walker?  Have you thought about the benefits? Well, even if you have a big back yard with plenty of room for Fido or Fifi to run in, that is simply not enough.  Your dog should be walked daily, here’s why. Daily dog walks provide many health benefits for your dog. It also results in improved behavior and strengthens the bond between you and your faithful furry friend.  Read on to learn more.

One benefit to walking your dog every day is that exercise keeps him physically healthy.  Let me explain.  Just like you, your dog needs daily exercise to build strong bones and muscles. Strong bones and muscles aid in mobility and reduce your dog’s risk of osteoarthritis as he ages.  Weak bones make your dog more susceptible to falls and fractures.    Exercise also keeps your dog healthy by keeping his weight under control.  An overweight dog is more likely to develop other medical issues such as cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance.  So, the daily dog walks result in better health and longevity.  Who doesn’t want their beloved companion around as long as possible?
Another benefit to walking your dog every day is that it reduces destructive and irritable behavior.  Let’s face it, dogs instinctively scavenge, hunt, and explore.  If they’re allowed to receive the physical and mental exercise from a good walk that allows them to explore the sights and sounds as nature intended, it releases pent up energy resulting a calm, better behaved dog.  The reduction of excess energy will make your pooch less likely to chew on your favorite shoes, or chair when you’re not at home.  Dogs that exercise spend less time demanding human attention in inappropriate ways such as incessant barking and whining, jumping on people and restlessness at bedtime when you need your beauty sleep.  A calm dog results in a well-trained dog which in turn makes him a more lovable and enjoyable companion.
An Additional benefit to walking your dog every day is that it aids in the socialization process.  All dogs must be socialized, not just puppies.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is on a walk where he can be exposed to the sights and sounds of the world.  Neglecting to socialize your dog will result in a fearful dog that responds to people and noise as a threat.  This will produce other undesirable, territorial behaviors such as constant barking and possibly attempts at biting other people and animals. Dogs are social creatures and naturally crave interaction.  If you help him out by taking him for walks, he will develop the confidence and trust to interact in the world around him.  Just like humans, dogs need to be socialized starting at a young age.
In conclusion, daily dog walks make for a happier, healthier canine companion.  Provide your dog with daily dog walks, and he’ll give you many years of love and devotion in return.  That is a small price to pay, don’t you agree? For more information or help with dog walks or pet sitting while you’re at work or on vacation, contact The Pet Sitter, LLC in Boise, Idaho.
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