The Pet Sitter, LLC cared for Tek, the pit bull, many times. We fell in love with him and were truly heartbroken when he passed away.

Please read his tribute….

It is with great sadness that we tell you our beloved Tek is running thru the clouds now.  Unfortunately, we found out earlier this year that at only 6 years old, he had cancer in his right front leg.  We’ve kept him comfortable with pain pills, extra vitamins and lots of love for several months, but the awful cancer took over.

 Our son brought home a pit bull puppy in 2006.  We were really hesitant  because of all the terrible things we’ve heard about pit bulls.  This dog absolutely became the love of our lives.  We’ve had several dogs thru the years, some large, some small, but nothing like this “majestic pitty” we love.   We made sure to socialize him with other dogs and people and he always graciously welcomed everyone into our and Tyler’s homes.  He has never, ever been a problem around any people or animals.   He was large, about 100 pounds, but the most gentle giant you could imagine.  He absolutely loved to go out on our boat and play in the lake water chasing sticks. 

 As a tribute to Tek, please think kindly about pit bulls when you hear all the bad press they get.   They have such an undeserved reputation.   We’ve learned these dogs are definitely very loving and devoted and make wonderful family members. 

Think about Tek when you see a rainbow.

 Love us

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