Last weekend, I traveled to Texas to visit my family. I was gone for five days. While this seems straight forward enough, it is actually a very difficult thing for me to do. Besides making arrangements are taken care of, I have to think about my clients. I plan months ahead of time and send out an email informing them that I will be away during this time period, etc.

Does that mean there will be no pet sitting? No! The beauty of using The Pet Sitter, LLC is that we have no black-out dates and all sitters are backed up 100%.

The sitters I use are not employees, but independent contractors. That means that they must have all the background and experience up front, or I will not contract their services to help me in my business. I have spent years finding the right pet sitters to help. I am very fortunate to find a core group of sitters that is not just excellent, but phenominal! They are trustworthy, reliable, experienced, and, first and foremost, they put the pets and clients first. They continue providing the peace of mind that the clients depend on when leaving their pets in the sitters’ loving hands.

Does this mean that I left town and did not hear from any of the pet sitters or clients for five days? No way! Things came up that needed discussing. Pets get sick and other stuff happens. The great thing is that the pet sitters covering the visits are continually looking for and reporting things that are “off” with the pets. We are in constant contact when things are not right…and even when they are going well. The pet sitters text the client and me after each visit. Client’s pets are like my own and I want to know what is going on, even when I am not there.

A big “Thank You!” to my sitters for allowing me to take small vacations without worrying.

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