November 9, 2016

Our dog was being babysat in Boise and we were California. Our return date to the Boise area was abruptly changed by 2 days and the people watching our dog could not keep her the extra days. We knew no one else in the Boise area as we do not live there. We had no proof of vaccination on hand and could not find a boarding kennel to help us. All the vet offices were closed. We called 6 kennels, 3 vets, the spca humane society and begged for help but received none. Luckily we found Julie, The Pet Sitter of Boise who found us a place for our dog to stay and they picked her up and transported her to the new place. The care, compassion and understanding by The Pet Sitter of Boise is remarkable! We cannot thank Julie enough for rescuing our beloved pet when we were in such a dire situation.
Kathi & Bree, Moscow, ID

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