Places to Run Your Dog Off-Leash in SW Boise and Eagle

As a professional pet sitter, dog walker and dog lover in Boise, Idaho, I am always looking for new places to my personal dogs and those those I walk for my clients. Actually, it’s more fun when I run into other pet owners running their dogs. That way the dogs can play.

So, I’m going to share my favorite, secret places to run the dogs. Keep in mind that these are not dog parks, but there are no signs posted disallowing dogs.

My favorite place is the foothills at the end of Eagle  Road, northof Eagle. Just head North on Eagle Rd. Proceed 3.3 miles North of Beacon Light Road. You will see a parking area on the right side of the road. It’s pretty self explanatory from there. Just follow the trails and watch your dogs if you come upon horseback riders.

Two other places I enjoy are in SW Boise, closer to my home, The first one is the back baseball, track and football area of Lake Hazel Middle  School. This school is located on LaGrange Street between Cloverdale and 5 Mile and Amity and LakeHazel. It’s a large area and is fenced on three sides. Lake Hazel Elementary is also great. It is located onLake Hazel Rdbetween Cloverdale and 5 Mile. The area behind the school is not quite as big, but is almost completely fenced and also includes picnic tables.

That’s it. Short and sweet. Those are my favorite places. Keep in mind that these places are not completely fenced. If you need a fenced area, my favorite dog park is the Nampadog park. TheBoise dog parks are just not as nice, unfortunately. Stay tuned though as there are plans in the works for more dog parks inBoise and Meridian. One last thing…Please be sure to clean up after your dogs so we may continue to enjoy these wonderful places.

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