Do Not Leave Your Dog in Your Car This Summer

This is a topic that always requires revisiting. Despite the many public service announcements, deaths and accidents due to leaving pets and kids in cars, this is always on the burner and there is still need to raise awareness. Why do people not understand the severity of leaving your dog in a car? Well today we will discuss the ramifications of leaving your dog in the car and what you should do if you ever see this happening.

When you leave your car, seal up the windows and head out to shop, do you realize what is happening inside your car?

When it is 72 degrees outside the internal temperature can rise up to 117 degrees in a matter of 60 minutes. When its 90 out you are looking at hitting 160 degrees in ten minutes!! It makes no difference if it is cool out, foggy or late in the day. Your car will “heat up” when it is sealed up. Even if the windows are open, the ventilation is pretty much non-existent. Try sitting in your car for ten minutes with the windows up.

Now let’s add in your pets. Dogs maintain their cooling down process by panting and sweating via the pads of their paws. Panting allows them to evaporate excess moisture from their lungs. If they are trapped in a hot, stuffy box so to speak, they are unable to accomplish cooling down. Add in humidity and it is virtually impossible. When left in a car, no matter what the outside temperatures may be, your pet can suffer from heatstroke and brain damage in less than 15 minutes.

If you are a witness to a pet left inside of a car, here are some things you should do to assist this animal:

– Take note of the car. Write down the make, color, model and license plate number.

– Go into the store and ask to speak with a manager. Explain the situation and request they page the owner of the car immediately.

– If the animal is in severe distress, skip the above, look for witnesses who can assist and support what you are witnessing. Immediately contact authorities (911) and find a way to release the pet. Take pictures, record video. Documentation is important, especially if you need to enter the car because the dog is in imminent danger.

– Stay there until the situation is resolved.

If you witness an animal in a car or any animal in distress and suffering from heat stroke, follow these tips to help cool the animal down:

– Try and get the animal to drink small amounts of cool water.

-Bring the animal inside an air conditioned room or building.

– Douse the animal with cool, not cold water until symptoms subside.

– Do not soak the pet or allow them to shiver. Extremely Cold water will cause their system to suffer from shock.

– Once the pet is stable, take them to a vet immediately for a check- up.

-Always err on the side of caution and seek veterinary assistance.

As always, if we can help with your pet care needs, in any way, please contact us at The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC 208-484-2969

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