Wow, I can’t believe I’m already buying pumpkins for Halloween! Where did the summer go?! While I must say I love fall, it is a bit bittersweet as I know winter is upon us. But, so are the joyful holidays.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are super busy times of the year. Everyone is shopping and cooking and making travel plans. But, wait! What about the pets?! Ooops, did you forget to make sure your plans include their care? No worries, The Pet Sitter of Boise is here! While we are pros at accommodating last minute pet sitting and overnight care requests, we do appreciate as much notice as possible. Overnight care is also booking very quickly, so please contact us as soon as you have your holiday plans in place.

I also have a few tips to help the holidays go smoothly for both you and your pet. Here goes…

  • Try not to make any changes prior to your holiday vacation. It is best not to change medications, food, or have elective surgeries prior to leaving. One year I had a client get her dog neutered two days before leaving for Christmas. The dog had complications and had to spend a couple expensive and painful days at the Pet ER on Christmas day.
  • Inform your vet and neighbors that you will have The Pet Sitter, LLC caring for your pets. We are more than happy to provide extra business cards for you to give to them should they need to get ahold of us.
  • Test door locks and garage codes before you leave. Sometimes the cold weather changes how keys work.
  • Inform us of any changes to your pet/home care routine or instructions.

We make every effort to keep your pet and home as normal as possible so your pets can enjoy a stress free holiday while you are away.

As always, we will text or email you after each visit to give you a real time update on your pet’s health, attitude, and overall status so you can enjoy your vacation too!

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