HolidayPet Care 2010 Summary:

Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, I’d like to thank my clients and dedicated pet sitters for an outstanding Christmas season. Thanks to careful planning and preparation by all, the pets all remained happy and healthy through the holidays.

I want to blog a little bit here about what made things run smoothly for both us and the pets:

Cats: Our cat sitting clients made sure they had plenty of cat litter, food, and medications on hand to last for their time away. For cats that are picky eaters, our clients made sure we had alternative foods on hand. Insulin-dependent kitties were checked by the vet prior to the vacation as to make sure levels were good and insulin dosages were correct.

Dogs: Clients were sure to schedule enough visits during the day to keep their canine family members happy. The visits included a variety of activities, such as dog walking, playing with toys, snuggle time, and the like. Minimum crate time was also scheduled. For example, dogs were crated at 10 pm and then released at 6 am. This worked out really well. Clients preferring overnight pet sitting were courteous in giving us plenty of notice to ensure a sitter could fill the time as well. Thank you!

Other pets in general: We took care of cats, dogs, rabbits, frogs, geckos, ferrets, fish, birds and horses over this holiday season! Each client was just excellent in providing special pet care instructions prior to their departure.

Mother Nature also cooperated with us this holiday season. Roads were clear and weather was decent, for the most part, this year. In the past, we’ve experienced some pretty brutal weather.

Thanks again to all of our clients for trusting us with all your pet care and dog walking needs this holiday and all year! We look forward to a fantastic 2011 serving you, our treasured clients!

As for me, I’m enjoying a business seasonal slow down right now….catching up on sleep and R&R. But, I’m recharging quickly, so I’ll see you and your awesome pets soon!

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