Help the Ferals

I’m posting this story in hopes that someone can help my friend, Marni Moore, with this situation….
As many of you know, I have taken care of a feral colony of six cats for the past six years. We have had a very good run of it, with a nice location and running water on the property. I made a good shelter for them and feed them every day. These cats have become an integral part of my life and I …care about them very much.
Unfortunately, the thing that all feral-cat caretakers fear has happened to me. I was notified by the property owners that they do not want the cats there any longer, so I need to find a new location for the colony or re-home them as “barn cats.”
It has been quite a blow, as I was originally told we were welcome, all the cats are healthy and happy, and I have been so proud of what I have accomplished. There were originally about 20 cats living in this area and I got them all trapped, spayed and neutered, and found homes for many of them. I lost a few along the way, but these six have made it this long and are doing very well.
I very much need your help to spread the word about our situation. I will try to get photos of the cats this week, but it may be tough, as there is construction and landscaping going on at the property and the cats will be scared and most likely won’t come out for photo opportunities. I will do my best to put together some attractive posters and if you can, please, please send our story to those you know, maybe there will be someone out there who can help provide a safe home for these cats.
The cats are:
Tom: A handsome white and tan boy with blue eyes; about eight to 11 years old. He is the “patriarch” of the colony and all the other cats love him, especially…
Leo: My shiny black boy who lost his brother when he got hit by a car. When Tom showed up, it was love at first site. Leo is six years old and he was born on the property.
Calliope (Callie): A sweet tortoise-shell girl, who is about seven years old. She has the prettiest face and is always watching me from a safe distance.
Belle: Belle is another little tortie and she was born on the property. Belle is the shiest of the cats, but another beautiful girl. She is five years old.
Clementine: A dark, female calico who had a TON of litters before I could trap her. She was my last hold out—the toughest and smartest of the bunch. She is at least 10.
Juliet (Jelly): Then there is my shiny, skinny, little girl Jelly. She is all black and darling. Jelly was born on the property and is four years old. Clementine is her mom.
I would like to keep them all together, but I understand this will be difficult. If I can keep Tom and Leo together, Calliope with Belle and Clementine with Jelly, at least they will be with someone they know.
The cats will need shelter (I can build or buy whatever is needed if shelter does not already exist), food and water. If someone is willing to take in a couple barn/outdoor cats, but they don’t think they can feed them every day or they would need the food provided, I can help with that. If someone already has a maintained feral colony with shelter, food and water, and a couple of my kiddos can join yours, I would be willing to share care-taker duties. Or if you know of someone who would like to fully adopt a few of my kiddos, I am on the lookout for kind people who might like a couple of good mousers.
Maybe one of you has a list of people who care for feral cats who might be able to help?
I would do anything to make sure these cats are safe and well cared for. I wish I didn’t have to send out this note, but the situation is beyond my control and I just have to do the best I can. Any help or leads you can provide would be very much appreciated.
Warm Regards,
Marni Moore and her Warm Springs Feral Colony

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