Halloween is here!


The big night is fun for so many kids as well as adults. Treats, scares and screams and that

all too familiar chorus of “Trick or Treat”!!! However this evening can stress your pets out

big time. The loud noises, the screams from outside and the never ending door bell ringing

are enough to rattle your pet’s nerves.


Here are some tips to keep your pet safe and allow them to enjoy the evening as well!

Be careful of the candy! Treats will be everywhere. Remember your pets can not partake in

most of the goodies so you need to be careful. Don’t leave any of the treats out. Pets are

resourceful so don’t assume just because they are on the counter they are out of reach!

Chocolate and gum are big no-no’s. The wrappers from gobbled down treats can cause

blockage as well as choking hazards.


Costumes are a must for most folks this evening, but your pets don’t really like to get

dressed up! If you do have that rare pet who doesn’t mind please make sure their costumes

allow for movement, breathing and seeing without any hindrance. Try to stick with a simple

neckerchief or bandana. Avoid trip hazards and costumes that will heat your pet up.

Keep your pet indoors on Halloween night. With the chaos outside, the strangers at the door

and the pranksters running amok, your pet will feel very overwhelmed. Set up a safe and

quiet zone in a back room where they can spend the evening. Keep the door closed to avoid

them getting out while you tend to the trick or treaters. The last thing your pet needs is to

be outdoors amongst the craziness. And by keeping them inside you also keep them safe

from troublemakers who make cause them harm.


Decorations are so much fun and pleasing to the eye. Keep candles and other decorative

items that may cause a choking or hanging hazard. Likewise, jack-o-lanterns and candles

should be kept out of reach of your pets. The flickering lights may draw their attention and

may pose a toxic threat if ingested in any way. This goes the same for decorative corn that

we see hanging on doors and displayed at tables this time of year.

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