Pet Sitter’s Farewell to Summer

Now that Labor Day weekend has passed, summer is officially over. I have mixed feelings about this. I love summer, but, this summer’s pet sitting has left me downright exhausted! Don’t get me wrong, I love pet sitting and I even love the frantic summer pace as I drive from client to client caring for their pets. But, I was starting to get a little bleary eyed. After a crazy busy weekend of pet sitting, dog walking and other various pet care gigs, my calendar is now pretty sparse. I’m going to savor the quiet right now. I might even walk my own dogs or take them to the dog park!

I walk to thank all my pet sitting and dog walking clients for all the tremendous business this summer. I hope you are happy with the pet care I provided. I love all of your pets and look forward to caring for them in the future.

Have a great fall and holiday season. I’ll see you soon!


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