We met Bob Swandby five years ago. He attended a pet sitters network meeting. He explained to the group that he had a special love for senior pets. As we spoke further with Bob, we found that he is very compassionate when pets are in the final phase of their life. He likes to counsel people and help them decide whether to hang in there with a pet, or to choose to let them go.

Bob and I recently took care of a very old dog named Bailey. Bailey was very precious to all of us and we knew she was having a hard time walking and she was becoming incontinent. Yet, her attitude was happy and she melted our hearts with her great will to live. One day after Bob and I had shared visits over the weekend, Bailey’s owner called, crying. She wanted our truthful opinion on whether she should have Bailey euthanized. We talked things through. Although it was our client’s decision, I felt Bailey still had a little time left. I conferenced Bob in and he felt the same way. Yet, just a couple weeks later, we all felt Bailey was ready. It was tearful for all of us. Bob’s gentle counseling and compassion really helped both the client and me come to terms with what was to come soon.

I feel very fortunate to have Bob pet sitting for our clients. He has a soft heart and he truly cares about the pets in his care.

Bob also volunteers at the Idaho Humane Society. He helps with the prison dog program called IDAPI – Inmate Dog Alliance Program. Click on the attached article to read Bob’s story. He loves the program so much that he adopted his own dog, Woody, from the program. The two of them are a great pair!

If you live in Park Center, Bown Crossing, Surprise Valley, or Columbia Village, or other parts of SE Boise, you may have Bob as your pet sitter!

Yay Bob!



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