Why our clients love overnight pet care:

Our overnight pet care clients love this pet care option. While I’d love to tell you what our typical overnight client is like, I just can’t narrow them down to a certain type. I can say that they are particular about their pets and want the best care possible for them.

I thought this would be a good place to summarize why our clients love overnight pet care:

  • Our pet sitters are completely backed up. Can you say this about the neighbor kid you have staying at your house? If one of my pet sitters gets sick or has some other emergency come up, I will immediately place another fully qualified, experienced sitter in your home.
  • The pet sitters are experienced, background checked, insured and bonded. They are respectful of your home and pets.
  • We keep in constant contact with each other and you via text messages, phone calls, and/or emails.
  • We follow instructions. Our goal is to care for your pets and home in the same manner you do. Your pets will love the special care our sitters give them.
  • Overnight pet care is economical when there are multiple pets. Your pets will enjoy being at home, in their normal environment, instead of an expensive, overcrowded kennel, day care, etc.

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