As the summer months quickly approach, you might find yourself day-dreaming about spending a few lazy days on white sandy beaches or maybe you picture yourself sipping those fancy umbrella drinks on board a cruise ship headed for the Bahamas.  We all need to get away sometimes but if you have pets, the vacation planning process can be very stressful!  In fact, in addition to stressful planning – going away on vacation and leaving your fur babies behind can be very stressful too.  Well, it doesn’t have to be when you choose in-home pet sitting with the Pet Sitter of Boise, for your beloved pets.

In-home pet sitting is most beneficial for you and your best fur pals.   Let me explain.

The sights, smells, and sound of a kennel can be very overwhelming for your pet.  Leaving home is a treat for you but not so much for Fido or Fluffy.   Pets don’t understand why they’re being left and the whole situation confuses them.  Being surrounded by other animals can be very intimidating for your pets.  It causes them undue stress.  The noise of the other animals, the confinement in a cage and the trauma of missing their pet parents can put your pets in an extremely stressful state.  Some animals will experience so much separation anxiety that they will not eat or drink.  That is not healthy or safe for your pet and neither is the possible exposure to kennel cough, intestinal parasites and distemper.

In-home pet sitting will keep Fido and Fluffy safe, content and stress free!  In their comfortable surroundings at home, they’ll wonder where you went but they will feel secure and confident that you’ll be coming home.  Also, they will have an amazing, professionally trained sitter at home with them to provide undivided attention, love and affection.   Your in-home pet sitter can help your pets adhere to their schedule of feeding, play time, and cuddle time!  After all, your pets ARE creatures of habit.  Your pet sitter will even administer medication if your pet needs it.  Most boarding facilities charge extra for those kinds of things.   Also, your professionally trained pet sitter knows how to handle emergencies should they arise.  Your dog deserves special care and attention while you’re away.

In-home pet sitting is the best pet care option while you’re away.  Your pets will appreciate being nestled at home in their own bed, playing with their own toys and eating out of their own bowls.  Call the Pet Sitter, LLC of Boise.  Your pets will thank you.

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