Tory’s husband originally wrote to us when he saw our ad seeking employees. He said that the job was made for his wife! We couldn’t resist meeting Tory. And, her husband was right! The job is a perfect fit for Tory. She loves animals deeply. She gets her “pet fix” by pet sitting. Not that she should need one…she has three dogs at home already. But, her husband is grateful that she gets to spend time with cats, too.

Tory is really “into” pet sitting. She talks and talks about the pets in her care. She loves each and every one of them! In fact, she adopted Ellie, the dog shown with her in the photo, when the owner needed to rehome her. Ellie and Tory scored on that one! Ellie will enjoy a life full of love, hugs, swimming, hiking, camping and lots of affection around the dog centric home she is now a member of.

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