Tala loves animals. We hear that a lot from applicants, but Tala backed that statement up with proof! Tala has a wealth of animal experience not found very often. She worked at a dog daycare and boarding kennel for two years. She learned a lot about dog behavior there.  She grew up with dogs, cats, horses and Koi. She also has special knowledge on healing sick fish with a salt bath.

Tala is a college student while she works part-time for The Pet Sitter. She enjoys writing and her updates articulate her love for the pets in her care. Her ultimate goal is to work with endangered species someday.

Tala has a huge heart for animals, as well as great intelligence, knowledge and compassion. Tala mostly serves Eagle, although she has filled in for other sitters in Meridian and Boise as well.

Association of Pet Sitting Excellent
Pet Tech First Aid & Care For Your Pets
Kennel Pro Insurance
Professional United Pet Sitters


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