Pam is Pam! And we love her! She is unique and quirky and has a standard of pet care all her own. But, that’s OK, it’s a high standard. Pam is an overnight care favorite who has quite a following! Her calendar is often booked up weeks in advance.

Pam has been involved in animal rescue for many, many years. She jokes that her husband almost divorced her the time she temporarily had 22 foster cats! Don’t worry….we did say “temporary.” All of her pets are rescues. Her dog, Petey, was on death row when she found him at the shelter. She claims he is the best dog she has ever owned. We agree…he’s a one in a million dog…thanks for saving him, Pam!

Pam is our team member who can be called on anytime, day or night, to jump in and help We are not sure she ever sleeps! She has been part of our team for over 8 years.

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