Midori has been on the team for several years. She loves all animals, but she especially loves her equine friends. Midori’s first pony was a Welsh/Arab mix named Missy. They quickly became best friends and Midori showed Missy at horse shows. Midori eventually outgrew Missy, but like many first pets, Missy holds a special place in Midori’s heart.
Midori grew up showing horses, and being a horse barn kid. This meant she was surrounded by dogs and barn cats. Her first dog was a chow named Arnold. A family dog, Arnold also traveled to with Midori for many years and was always by her side.

Fast forward to Midori’s present life, Midori and her husband have Huckleberry, a 105 pound yellow lab/Airedale mix. He prefers to sleep most of the time but also enjoys running and jumping around with toys & chasing squirrels! And he will try to sit in your lap!

Midori is also a Special Ed Paraprofessional in the Boise School District. We believe this is another extension of Midori’s huge heart.

Midori grew up in Connecticut, and has spent many years in Seattle and North Carolina. We are happy she settled in Boise! Midori is proud to be part of an Air Force family. Her husband is retired and her daughter and son are active now.

When asked why she likes working at The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC, she said:

“I love being able to spend any of my spare time helping others. I know how important it is that when we have to travel that our four-legged children are well loved. And is sometimes uncomfortable inviting a stranger into your home, so I know how important it is to be respectful responsible and loving to your home and family members.”

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