Lisa has a fond memory as a young girl was of her grandfather putting out tin pie plates of food for 6-8 stray cats and insulating a warm shelter under the outside porch steps for them. He drove her grandmother crazy but she kept supplying the food.

When she was 5 years old, Sheeba was a sweet, loyal Boxer puppy who became part of the family. She was gentle around children, at the same time an excellent watch dog, loved to go for walks and lived 18 years. Since Lisa’s mother had asthma, the rest of the pets needed to be smaller critters: a canary, hamster, gerbils, turtles and gold fish.

Today, Lisa has 2 cats. Scales (named by her 4 year old son at the time) is now 15 years old. They rescued him at 14 weeks old. He is a gray Maine Coon, sweet, smart, independent, still loves to hunt and be cuddled. Lisa’s daughter and she fell in love with an adorable Siberian kitten the moment they set eyes on her 6 years ago and in need of a home. KitKat is sweet, silly and likes lots & lots of attention.

Caring for people & pets comes naturally for Lisa. Her education/training is in Nursing & Clinical Dietetics and she has worked in hospital, community and corporate settings. Volunteer activities in previous years include: Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused children and a wide variety of parent volunteer roles at her children’s schools.

Lisa’s sister owned a successful, busy grooming business for 15 years and now boards dogs in Arizona. Over the years she has provided insight into the characteristics of different breeds, handling behaviors and how to gain a dogs trust. This has been a great help to Lisa as a pet sitter.

It’s a lot of fun getting to know new furry friends & providing loving, attentive care while owners are away. The Pet Sitter of Boise’s compassion and professional care standards are such a high quality. Lisa feels blessed to be part of the team.

Besides animals, Lisa enjoys cuisine & cooking, spending time with family & friends, reading, redecorating & staying current on world events.

Lisa serves Eagle and NW Boise.

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