Boise pet sitterKali is one of our very balanced pet sitters in that she loves all pets equally, and has great experience from a lifetime of pet ownership and care.Kali’s first pet was a dog named Sissy. Kali was 5 years old and Kali was her best friend. They lived on a reservation in Eastern Washington, and Sissy was a gift. Sissy was part wolf! Sissy had a wonderful temperament, and was very loyal. She was also shot in the leg and survived after having her leg amputated, becoming a tripod dog.


Kali has had pets or been around animals her entire life. Her family had multiple dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, hamsters, and even a horse.

When Kali meets a shy or skittish pet, she is gentle and usually able to get them to warm up and become friends. It fills Kali’s heart with joy when this happens. Kali said, “To be able to have the full trust and love of an animal is an amazing gift.”

Besides being an animal lover, rocks are Kali’s passion and have been since she was very young. So is a college student majoring in Geology. Kali is also a huge reader, loves to knit and do jigsaw puzzles. Kail is very active and loves to hike, bike and run. Kali also loves live music and has traveled across states for festivals and concerts.

While Kali is very outgoing and friendly towards pets and people, Kali says, “I have always been drawn to animals. Being a pet sitter allows me to spend my days with animals and to be outside. I have always noticed a change and difference in my anxiety and stress from life when I am able to be around animals.Hopefully, the pets enjoy being around me, too.”

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