Josie is a natural when it comes to caring for pets because she grew up with so many. Her first cat was a beautiful calico named Marmalade. She had blue eyes, making her extra special. Josie’s next pet was a Maine Coon cat named Oscar, and then her family got a dingo mix dog named Dalton. Josie and her dad trained Dalton. He was an obedient and smart dog. After that, Josie’s list of pets includes snakes, lizards, hermit crabs and chickens. She and her sister even had an egg business for a while. The chickens were an interesting experience, especially after one of the hens turned out to be a rooster! Josie and her family currently have a dog named Pancho. He is a bichon Biewer mix. He’ll do anything for a treat!

Besides pets, Josie enjoys horseback riding, playing/coaching volleyball, snowboarding, hunting, fishing and traveling. Josie loves the German culture as she learned about Germany from the family’s foreign exchange student who lived with them for a semester. Josie also visited Germany. Josie is a Boise State student who has earned many scholarships. She has many interests and is having a tough time deciding on a major.

Josie likes working for The Pet Sitter of Boise because it gives her the opportunity to care for a variety of animals and it’s fun!

Josie serves Boise and Meridian.

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