Jessica’s love for pets began at an early age when her family adopted a black and white cat named Sweetie. Jessica was hooked on pets after that and has had many cats and dogs of all ages and sizes since then. As a young child, her family lived on a farm in Nevada. Jessica loved the farm animals by day and the dogs and cats inside by night. She never accepted the farm animals getting sent off after a time, as she became attached to all of the animals…part of the family. Jessica’s mother instilled in Jessica that there are no bad dogs, just dogs needing love and training. Therefore, Jessica has always accepted all animals into her heart and home, knowing that rescued dogs could be saved.

Jessica and her husband currently share their home with 5 cats, 4 of which are rescued, a senior Chihuahua, and an 11 week old German Shepherd/Husky mix named Stark. She definitely has her hands full with this crew, but she adores them all.

Besides pets, Jessica’s interests include reading, watching new movies and documentaries, being out in nature, hiking, photography, and yoga. Jessica loves learning about new things and is a big believer in self-improvement and self-care. She also enjoys a road trip now and then. Jessica also has a degree in Physical Therapy Assisting.

Jessica was a client of The Pet Sitter of Boise before coming to work for us as a team member. Jessica says, “My animals are the most important thing in the world to me. My pet sitter calmed my nerves every day so that I could enjoy my trip and not have to worry too much. I realized how important this job was and how meaningful it is to bring peace to someone’s mind that next to the owner their animals are getting the best treatment possible. It’s such an honour to bring that to people.”

Jessica serves the North End, and State street corridor to Eagle. We feel fortunate to have Jessica on the team because she is not only caring and compassionate, but honest and responsible. Our clients agree!

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