Connie is a life-long animal lover. Unfortunately, her father was not a pet lover, so she had to endure her minor years without any pets. Despite not having a family pet, Connie always rescued baby bunnies and a possum she found struggling in a nearby field. She fed them milk from an eye dropper and nursed them back to health.

Connie got her first pet, a kitten, in her early 20’s. The kitten lived to be 21 years old! Many other pets followed through her adult life. She and her husband purchased a home on acreage. Their family had many pets throughout the years including ferrets, a cockatiel, dogs and cats.

She also competed in races with her Jack Russell terriers. One of them achieved an award at the national level. Connie gave back by volunteering extensively with an Austin No-Kill shelter, where she served in many functions.

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