Brianna says “every time I talk about this job, I tell them it’s the dream job I never realized I could have. I get to pet an animal… every single day. I get to meet a new animal all the time and bond with them and give them attention and tell them I love them. I love animals so much! I would have gone to school to be a vet if I didn’t hate the sciences so much. It is just literally and purely a delight that I get the honor of taking care of your animals while you’re away from home because I honestly just love animals so much.”

A student at BSU working towards an art history/history double major. She hopes to go into museum work as a curator. Her favorite period of art is impressionism, especially Edgar Degas, and her favorite period of time being anything BC, but especially Egypt, Rome, and the Aztecs.

One of her earliest childhood memories includes a German Shepherd mix named Missy. Brianna says her brother had once made her cry but then, “Missy came by and I instantly stopped crying because, duh, puppy. Who can cry with a puppy around?”

Currently living with three roommates and seven animals, her house is pretty full (she couldn’t find space for her horse Solo so he is still in Coeur d’Alene with her mom). There are four cats including her Kaidan, a wild one-year-old. Then there’s Snoop, Felix, and Gazzy. Snoop, the queen of the house, is the oldest girl, she’s orange, and she’s fabulous. Felix is mischievous and the mentor to Kaidan and Gazzy, who is teeny tiny and a gremlin. Also included are three pit-bull mixes. Oscar, who is a pit/lab, is the biggest snuggle bug, Bee (full name Beyoncé) who is the other queen of the house and Blue. Brianna says that each of them is super spoiled and dearly loved. She and her roommates are also looking to start taking care of chickens within the year.

In her spare time, her interests include video games, reading, and writing. I’m very creativity oriented and I love a good story.

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