Shannon’s love for animals is something she was born with. The first pet she fell in love with was her grandma’s cat, Nelly, a beautiful Himalayan.  Shannon’s first personal cat was Dusty, whom she adopted from San Francisco Animal Control because she was so shy she hid in the back of the cage. Shannon always had cats growing up and now.

Shannon currently shares her home with a rescued mixed breed dog named Didi, a Chihuahua mix named Cookie, and a one-eyed 17-year-old orange cat named Baby.

Shannon has a heart for pets needing to be rescued. When she worked at a grocery store in San Francisco, she helped trap ferals and other cats on the property and found them homes. Shannon has a special place in her heart for pit bulls in need.

Besides animals, Shannon loves to look for sea glass on the beach in San Francisco and she is an avid world traveler.

Shannon loves working for The Pet Sitter of Boise and especially enjoys reading messages from clients relieved that their pets are being well cared for. Shannon serves many parts of Boise.

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