​Mary can be best described as dependable and compassionate. While Mary currently doesn’t have a pet of her own, she gets her pet fix by working for The Pet Sitter of Boise. She often talks about her favorite pets, but it seems they are all her favorites! 

Mary is mom to grown children. They had many family pets through the years. When Mary and her husband retired, they sold their Boise home and answered the call of the open road when they became traveling house/pet sitters. They got to live in wonderful places in exchange for caring for people’s homes and pets. Mary treasures those years. Unfortunately, her husband passed away and Mary moved back to Boise to spend time with her family.
Mary still travels and house/pets sits occasionally. She loves spending time in homes on the beach. 
Mary is a true professional. We are fortunate to have Mary on the team, caring for our clients’ fur family.
Association of Pet Sitting Excellent
Pet Tech First Aid & Care For Your Pets
Kennel Pro Insurance
Professional United Pet Sitters


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