What happens when a dog needs a home, and an adopter wants him, but the two are miles apart? Pet Sitter Julie Fredrick works with Pilots  n Paws ( http://pilotsnpaws.org/ ) to bridge the gap!

While many know Julie Fredrick as a pet sitter and dog walker, they may not know that her true passion is dog rescue. She fosters dogs for the Idaho Humane Society in Boise, Idaho and a Seattle based Fox Terrier rescue. The fox terriers, in particular, often have forever homes waiting for them, but miles away. So far, Pilots n Paws has flown three fox terriers to their new homes in Washington and Oregon.

Pet Sitting and dog walking clients of The Pet Sitter of Boise may be happy to know that profits from the business are used, in part, to support the care of the foster dogs.

Here are some photos of the awesome pilots and the dogs they transported.



4 Responses to “Boise Pet Sitter and Pilots and Paws Help Dogs Go Home”

  1. Bella says:

    Julie, I LOVE that you do this! What a great program! What is their website?

  2. petsitter says:

    Thanks Bella! It is a great program. I love the pilots…they have great big hearts!


  3. This is an awesome idea!! I just rescued a dog from TX, and I live in WI. With the help of people driving different partsof the journey, Benny and I were able to unite. I love it that pilots are willing to help animals and people unite too!!

  4. petsitter says:

    Nikki-I totally agree! It is heartwarming to see this sort of thing! I am so happy for Benny and you! Congrats and good job!

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