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Testimonial Letter from Happy Client…
Hi Julie and Cathy,
I just wanted to thank you both again for the wonderful care you gave my
little tribe while I was in Mexico last month.  In the past, because of
the number and variety of pets I own, leaving home had been a nightmare
– boarding dogs, arranging for neighbors to feed the cat and birds,
sending the horses to boarding facilities, etc.  I only travelled when
absolutely necessary and worried about the pets the entire time because
I knew they were out of their element.  Fortunately, I rarely needed to
travel.  However, during this past year my daughter, her husband and my
three grandsons moved out of state necessitating a much more flexible
travel agenda if I wanted to see them (which I very much want to do!).
After a nearly disastrous episode while boarding one of my horses, I
knew I needed to find a different way to find care for my pets.  I still
can’t believe my good luck in finding The Pet Sitter of Boise LLC.  In
visiting your website I discovered that you had the ability to care for
horses as well as dogs and cats.  After meeting with you and learning
more about your experience and experience of those who worked for you, I
decided to utilize your services while I took a family trip to Mexico.
I couldn’t have made a better decision.  By the second day, I knew that
I no longer needed to worry.  Your text updates after each visit and
longer emails each evening left me knowing that not only were the
animals being properly fed, watered and exercised, but most importantly,
they were receiving abundant love and attention.  I just can’t tell you
what that meant to me.  It was most obvious to me when I returned home
and saw that the dogs were just as happy to see Cathy as they were me!
I also truly appreciated your professionalism.  You didn’t bat an eye
when, at the last minute, I threw a 4th dog into the mix.  You are a
godsend.  Now I know I have the ability can make frequent trips to
Washington whenever I want to see my little grandsons.   You can be sure
I will be calling you often in the coming years.  Thank you both, so
much.  I feel that I have truly made some new, good friends and I look
forward to seeing you again soon.  Please feel free to use me as a
reference and to use all or any portion of this letter to post as a
recommendation on your website.
Holly B

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