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Julie Fredrick – Owner and Pack Leader

Pet sitting is something that has evolved into a career for Julie. As a kid, she was the one bringing home strays and dreaming of horses. Julie became active in 4-H at age 11 when her parents gave into her pleas for a horse with the purchase of Mr. Pringles, an Arabian/quarter horse. Her passion for animals is innate and over the years her love for all animals has deepened. 

Ten years ago, Julie began fostering rescued animals. Her fostering adventure started with cats and grew into dogs (her first “dog” foster was a mama dog with 7 pups!). Since then, she has fostered hundreds of dogs for area rescue groups such as The Idaho Humane Society (I.H.S.), Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group (IDAWG), and the Fox Terrier Fanciers of Puget Sound Rescue. It brings her great joy to know that a small commitment of a few weeks of fostering saves a life. If you are considering a new pet, please consider one of the available dogs on the Adoptable Dogs page.

While Julie is quite pet-centric, here are some other tidbits about her…Her career began in Research & Engineering with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, she earned an MBA from Boise State in 2005 (Go Broncos!), she was a process engineer in a toilet paper factory in South Carolina for several years and her favorite movie is Forrest Gump.

Throughout the years, Julie has been trusted to care for pets of friends and family. She truly enjoys caring for pets and getting to know them as individuals with unique personalities. Julie looks forward to meeting your four-legged, furry family members and would be honored to be trusted with their care while you’re away. Email her at julie.fredrick@gmail.com As the owner of The Pet Sitter, LLC, she serves Boise, Meridian, Garden City, Eagle and Kuna pet sitting assignments.

Cathy Valenti – Pet Care Purrfectionist! 

Cathy grew up on a farm, and took care of dogs, cats, horses, cows, and sheep. She loves animals, and was known for adopting and bringing home dogs and cats she found abandoned. Cathy has always shared her home with pets. She loves the idea of caring for pets while their people are away, and also loves to take dogs for mid-day walks. Cathy lives in Meridian with her two cats, Atticus and Nemo. Cathy provides pet sitting in Meridian, SW Boise, North Kuna and the North End of Boise. Clients love Cathy!

Scott McLatchy – Warm Springs and SE Boise Pet Lover!

When Scott was a kid, he begged his mom for a pony, but his first pets turned out to be two hamsters. A chameleon came soon afterwards. Then he filled an aquarium with praying mantises, which were wonderful until they had babies. He has learned a lot about animals since those days, because he has had some great teachers! Tony the barn cat, Hugo the Pug, Ashley the Maltese and many more. Big or small, he loves them all….

Today, Scott is the proud Pet Daddy to two dogs and three cats. Jennifer, his wife of 10 years, is Shelter Programs Manager at Simply Cats, Boise’s only cageless, no-kill cat shelter. That should be enough, but he loves animals so much that he started pet sitting and now gets the privilege of being a temporary Pet Parent to my clients’ pets as well! Scott covers downtown Boise, the North End and SE Boise (Columbia Village, Surprise Valley, Harris Ranch, etc.). Scott is also available for limited overnight stays.

Jenny Myers – Experienced Veterinary Techician and Ace Pet Care Provider!
Jenny is an extremely knowledgeable vet tech. She has 8 years professional experience as a vet tech. We think she should become a vet! Clients with special needs pets may want Jenny to be assigned to the job. She has experience with basics such as pilling, sub-q fluids an insulin injections, and is trained to look for signs of health issues. Jenny loves all animals, great and small. Jenny is also extremely experienced with dogs and can handle just about any dog behavioral situation. Jenny loves to run with the dogs (for those needing more than a walk) or take them on off leash excursions in the foothills. Jenny covers most of Boise, Meridian, and the Treasure Valley.

Kathrine Crosby – Experienced Horse Care Provider and Pet Lover!

Katie is a lover of all animals, but horses hold a special place in her heart.  She has been working with horses since the ripe old age of 4, when she insisted to her parents that she needed riding lessons.  She grew up taking lessons and leaning over pasture fences to give carrots to neighborhood horses.  She was a working student at the Idaho Equestrian Center from the ages of 12 to 15.  She loves doing anything with the horses, from grooming to riding to mucking stalls.  When she was 16, Katie felt experienced enough to finally own her own horse and she found Scarlett, a 13 year old Tennessee Walker mare with the heart of a yearling.  Scarlett was a challenging and rewarding first horse, and taught Katie more than any book or teacher ever could about training.  Other horse owners have looked to Katie for help with their own horses, and Katie is always happy to assist, while still respecting the owner’s own methods.  She spent her first semester of college as an equine studies student, and is knowledgeable regarding equine nutrition and phisiology.  She learned basic medical care as a student and trainer, and has an intuition when it comes to an animal’s well being.  Her first priority is always what is best for the horse, and she has the knowledge and experience to care for them properly —  and with love. Katie’s specialty is horses, but she also covers clients in SE Boise, the North End, and overnight pet sitting throughout the Treasure Valley.

Suzanne Padilla – A True Gem of a Pet Sitter!

Suzanne is the proud owner of her faithful friend “Lucy”, a nine year old, labrador mix.  She loves all types of animals and along with her husband and two sons, has owned many dogs, guinea pigs, and horses. She loves a good, brisk walk with a dog at her side, or settling in with a purring cat on her lap.  She believes that pets add great enjoyment to our lives, and has seen the richness that they bring to so many people. Suzanne serves Eagle, Hidden Springs and the areas around State St. and Hill Rd.

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