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Julie Fredrick – Pack Leader/Owner

julie-in-carPet sitting is something that has evolved into a career for Julie. As a kid, she was the one bringing home strays and dreaming of horses. Julie became active in 4-H at age 11 when her parents gave into her pleas for a horse with the purchase of Mr. Pringles, an Arabian/quarter horse. Her passion for animals is innate and over the years her love for all animals has deepened.

Thirteen years ago, Julie began fostering rescued animals. Her fostering adventure started with cats and grew into dogs (her first “dog” foster was a mama dog with 7 pups!). Since then, she has fostered hundreds of dogs for area rescue groups such as The Idaho Humane Society (I.H.S.), Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group(IDAWG), and the Fox Terrier Fanciers of Puget Sound Rescue. It brings her great joy to know that a small commitment of a few weeks of fostering saves a life.

While Julie is quite pet-centric, here are some other tidbits about her…Her career began in Research & Engineering with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, she earned an MBA from Boise State in 2005 (Go Broncos!), she was a process engineer in a toilet paper factory in South Carolina for several years and her favorite movie is Forrest Gump.

Throughout the years, Julie has been trusted to care for pets of friends and family. She truly enjoys caring for pets and getting to know them as individuals with unique personalities. Julie looks forward to meeting your four-legged, furry family members and would be honored to be trusted with their care while you’re away. Email her at julie@petsitterboise.com


kathleenKathleen lives in the North End and is truly a North Ender. She has lived in the same house for 30 years! She shares her home with her dogs Iris and Flynn, and two finches. She also owns a horse which she boards in Star.

Kathleen is a true animal lover who began pet sitting after she retired from her civil engineering job with the Department of Transportation. Kathleen has been a client of The Pet Sitter of Boise for many years, so when were delighted when she decided to work part time for us.

An animal lover her entire life, Kathleen takes great pride in her work and truly loves each pet she cares for. She spends quality time with each one, getting to know their individual personalities. She is trustworthy responsible, and compassionate towards the pets she cares for. Kathleen also loves running and she will run dogs upon request.

We are proud to have Kathleen on the team!


The Pet Sitter of Boise, LLC - DeAnn

DeAnn has tremendous heart. The dogs shown in the photo with her are all rescues that came to her and her big hearted husband, Rich, in various ways. Some were inherited from family members who passed away and some were from shelters. Each of them gets great loving care in their home.

One Christmas, Rich gave DeAnn the most wonderful gift of all…a 9 year old black lab named Missy. Missy was at the Meridian Animal shelter. Rich knew that Missy might not make it out alive since she was old and had many health problems. It would take a special family to adopt her…theirs! Missy spent the last two years of her life in the comfort of DeAnn and Rich’s home. She got the best vet care and food. She was greatly loved.

Not only do DeAnn and Rich’s dogs enjoy the best care, they also get loaded up in the Subaru every day and head for the hills where they get their daily hike. The dogs really look forward to riding in the car and running free every day.

DeAnn shares the same care and compassion with client pets in her care. She is trustworthy and caring. DeAnn and Kathleen often share jobs, making a great team that our clients love.


karlWhile Karl is very active, staying fit by walking and working out at the gym, you can also find him covered with dogs in his Lazy Boy chair at home! Karl and his wife, Rosemary, are involved with the Meridian Animal Shelter and Fuzzy Paws rescue. In fact, two of their three dogs are rescues. Their dog Lily was adopted by them at age 13. They could not stand the thought of her pending fate in a Northern Idaho shelter, so they went and got her. She hit the jackpot. Karl and Rosemary spoil their dogs with love and great care and affection.

Karl takes his job as a pet sitter very seriously. He is very attentive and concerned when things are not quite right. He is a great communicator and always keeps us and the clients posted on their pets. Karl’s favorite jobs involve caring for senior dogs. He caters to their every need.

Karl is trustworthy, dependable and compassionate. He is a great asset to our team!


sandi2-for-website-11-6-16Sandi’s first pet was Millie, a Dachshund/terrier mix that her dad brought home one day in his pocket! Millie lived to be 18 years old! This started a life long long for pets for Sandi. Another pet, Tigger, was found in a boat, just days old. Sandi bottle fed Tigger and nursed him along. Sandi is retired from HP now. She and her husband are pet parents to former shelter residents Riley (Sandi claims she is the best dog in the world and perfect), and orange tabbies Rusty and Ramsey. Sandi is a big believer in giving back and supporting animal non-profits in our area and is a familiar face at both Simply Cats and the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) where you might recognize her as a lobby greeter. Sandi loves animals and she believes Unconditional love is a true gift that pets give us – Total love. Sandi will often call The Pet Sitter, LLC office and ask how pets she care for are doing because she misses them. Sandi loves other pet people because they can relate to her feelings about pets. Sandi loves connecting with each pet, finding out what they like, and spending one on one time with each pet. Besides pets, Sandi is also interested in plants and food. She is an advanced Master Gardener with Idaho State University, and is a Master Food Safety Advisor. We love having Sandi on The Pet Sitter of Boise team!


rachel-for-websites-11-6-16Rachel is a ray of sunshine on The Pet Sitter of Boise team! She always has a smile on her face and is a positive, happy person. She loves all pets, and is always extra concerned about each pet in her care. Rachel is mostly a cat person and owns three of her own, Onyx, Zoey, and Honey. Besides working for us, Rachel is studying to become a Physical Therapist. She is currently at BSU where she is an honor student. She is also very sports minded and has played sports her entire life. She enjoys hiking and swimming and anything outdoors. Rachel is close to her family. Rachel is an honest, super reliable, tender hearted team member. The clients Rachel serves love her.


connie-for-web-16-16Connie is a life-long animal lover. Unfortunately, her father was not a pet lover, so she had to endure her minor years without any pets. Despite not having a family pet, Connie always rescued baby bunnies and a possum she found struggling in a nearby field. She fed them milk from an eye dropper and nursed them back to health. Connie got her first pet, a kitten, in her early 20’s. The kitten lived to be 21  years old! Many other pets followed through her adult life. She and her husband purchased a home on acreage. Their family had many pets throughout the years including ferrets, a cockatiel, dogs and cats. She also competed in races with her Jack Russell terriers. One of them achieved an award at the national level. Connie gave back by volunteering extensively with an Austin No-Kill shelter, where she served in many functions. Sandi is a soft-hearted, ulta-caring sitter who believes pets are family and it’s her goal to serve our clients anyway possible to give them peace of mind while the are away.



Pat is a long time North Ender who believes this is the best place in the world to live! One reason she loves it is because there are an abundance of animal lovers all around this area.

Pat’s dogs, Penny and Midge, are rescues who Pat says came with baggage. Pat has worked through them with love and patience, mixed in with her gentle alpha leadership they so needed.

Pat has had just about every animal as a pet at one time or another…lizards, bunnies, cats and dogs are just some. She is an excellent dog walker and sitter who falls in love with many of the pets she cares for. She talks about each one with affection only another animal lover would understand.

Pat is honest almost to a fault, and voicing concerns about the pets when they come up.  She has great common sense. The clients and we appreciate these qualities about Pat.

Pat and Kathleen have been good friends for years and are now a pet sitting team in the North End. Kathleen will often cover the morning visits, while Pat covers the afternoon and evening visits. This arrangement works out great. If you live in the North End, You’ll likely have Pat caring for your pets.


aliceAlice is a dog’s best friend! Much of Alice’s life is touched by dogs. She is dog mom to Sadie and Vegas, two rescued senior golden retrievers. Alice takes her job as their mom very seriously. She can often be seen walking them in her neighborhood. She tends to their every need as they age.

In her spare time, Alice volunteers at the Idaho Humane Society (IHS) with the IDAPI Program. This is the program that matches dogs with inmates for training and socialization, helping them to become more adoptable. Alice may also be recognized from the Morrison Center, where she volunteers as an usher for major events.

Alice has a very compassionate heart for dogs, cats, and any pet she cares for as a pet sitter for The Pet Sitter of Boise. She is extremely caring and loving with the pets in her care. She takes her job as a pet sitter very seriously. We feel blessed to have Alice as part of our team.

When not volunteering or pet sitting, Alice enjoys camping with her husband and dogs in beautiful Idaho.


robin chicken

Robin is passionate about both pets and people. She enjoys discovering animals’ unique personalities and building relationships with them as she cares for them. Besides typical pets like cats and dogs, Robin adores chickens and has owned many different breeds of them. Robin’s natural love for animals was evident as a child, and all her life friends and family have trusted Robin with caring for their pets. She has always had a way with animals.

Robin finds diverse ways to help her community. As a previous farm owner, she and her family shared their abundance of produce and eggs with the local pantry and neighbors. They even fed seconds to livestock as to not waste anything. She raised goats and taught classes on how to make cheese from their milk!

Robin is an ardent supporter of low-cost spay and neuter efforts and education. She worked for years with a spay-neuter-release program in her hometown to control the feral cat population. Many stray and unfriendly cats were relocated to work as barn cats and control rodents. 

While animals are definitely a big part of Robin’s life, she enjoys canning & cooking, classical music, and American history. Neil Tyson DeGrasse is her celebrity favorite. Her family of six love to go hiking and exploring rivers with their dogs.

Robin covers our Meridian territory.


alanePreviously, Alane passionately taught Deaf children for 20+ years in Boston, MA, and was also a Licensed Massage Therapist for the past 5 years. A long-term pet sit originally brought her to the mountains of Idaho, May (near Challis), and then to Boise.

Alane has gratefully completed sits in many places, such as Massachusetts, New Mexico, Hawaii, Vieques Island in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Costa Rica, to name a few. She even had a boat-sit in St. Petersburg, FL for 6 months. Alane enjoys new experiences and spending time in new locations to get to know the community and to have time to care for animals.

Alane has always had an animal in her life, as her own pet or by taking care of others, for her friends and family. Spending quality time with the pets, giving them love and attention is a priority for her. Alane brings to the team a passion to be with animals and a compassion for animals of all kinds. She has a great work ethic and great attention to detail.

Alane’s other passions include photography, reading, swimming, spending time at the ocean, hiking, and writing – about her experiences with the pets she has come to love as her own, and about her travels.


marcyAnimal lover……yep, that’s Marcy! Animals have been an important part of her life since she was a child. Pets have always part of her family. She has had the entire range from hamsters and turtles to dogs and horses.  

Marcy’s love for animals hasn’t only been demonstrated through sharing a home with a menagerie of critters. She has also focused volunteer time and advocacy throughout her many blessed years. As a co-founder of the Pet Food Pantry, she was able to assist qualified pet guardians by providing pet food for their precious pets. Marcy has also enjoyed supporting and volunteering at the Idaho Humane Society for many years.

Another area of great need is ensuring that Idaho pets are spayed and neutered to avoid overpopulation resulting in pet homelessness, illness or death. As a board member with S.N.I.P. (Spay Neuter Idaho Pets),  Marcy works with other caring individuals to help fund and make possible affordable neutering and spaying pets and feral cats. 

Marcy and her husband currently share their home with 2 rescue cats, a rescue dog, a parakeet, 4 fish, 1 frog and 4 ponies.  She would love to add to their pet family, but for now, the current pets keep her busy. To help fulfill her love for animals, Marcy enjoys the wonderful friendships of the pets and their loving guardians as a pet sitter. 

Working as a pet sitter is truly a gift to Marcy. She gives back a little piece of love and care with each and every pet visit.  



Jenn is truly amazing. We don’t know how she does it all, and she does it all well! She has a heart like no other. Jenn is a super volunteer at the Idaho Humane Society. She runs the low cost See Spot clinic for spaying and neutering pit bulls and pit bull mixes. She can almost always be found there on the weekends supervising dog socialization play groups. She has great dog handling skills and special training to break up dog fights. Jenn is always willing to help anyone visiting the shelter. Jenn is the star of this commercial seeking a grant from Idaho Power.

Jenn is highly active in the Boise Bully Breed Rescue where she fosters pit bulls and helps with other aspects of the organization. She was in charge of placing all 50+ pit bulls from a highly publisized rescue in Idaho a few years ago. It took several months to rehab and place the dogs in their new homes.

Jenn is also a part-time vet tech. We feel very fortunate to have Jenn working for us part-time. She is caring and knowledgeable in so many areas of pet care and behavior. She is an ace dog walker and also great with skittish and fearful dogs.


lisa-photoLisa’s love for animals began early in life. She had a strong bond with her first pet, a black cat named Tomiseno. Her grandmother lived with the family and was not fond of cats, so Lisa and her father would sneak food to Tomiseno, who lived in the basement. This was a fun secret between Lisa and her dad. Lisa has always had pets in her life. She mostly had cats, but there were dogs in the mix as well. She has fond memories of Raymoe, a husky who pulled the kids around on a sled in the winter, and Bart, an amazing border collie. She currently shares her home with Pip and Zoe, Maine Coon siblings, who she fostered after their mama was hit by a car. She lovingly bottle fed them. Lisa said that was not a problem since it was love at first sight when she met them. While living in Virginia, Lisa volunteered at the local shelters. She enjoyed providing the animals with company and comfort. Besides animals, Lisa enjoys refurbishing and rebuilding houses and household items. Her current project is restoring her very old North End home. She also has two grandsons that she loves spending time with. Lisa is a retired Army soldier (26 years!). She choose Boise as a place to retire to after researching many locations. Lisa says that perhaps the best part of her specific location is that on any given day, at any given time, there are pets and people walking by. Lisa said, “Each day I meet someone new which is wonderful but encountering the dogs who freely greet me with tail wags is awesome. Also, I have three neighboring cats who enjoy taking turns guarding my back yard. When asked why she likes working for The Pet Sitter of Boise, Lisa said, “The opportunity of providing care, love and attention to other peoples’ pets is not work. It is an honor.  I feel as though I have an extended, adopted furry family. To make a visit and have the pet greet me with happiness and eagerness for my company is a truly wonderful feeling.” We are fortunate to have Lisa on the team!



Mary is the kind of person who everyone trusts right away! As time goes on, our clients trust and love her even more. She is great with the pets in her care and is thorough and responsible with following the pet and home care routines.

Mary retired from her job as an office manager a couple years ago and began house sitting around the country for fun. She really enjoyed the different cities and clients. She loved the pets she cared for and has fond memories of this experience. When she settled back in Boise, she came to work for us.

Mary is an experienced house and pet sitter who specializes in complicated overnight care assignments.





The Pet Sitter LLC - Bob and Woody

Bob is a giver. He is involved in many organizations helping people, pets and nature. He can be called on the help in almost any situation. He has a special interest in senior pets and often steps in to help our clients get through tough times when pets pass away. He has a compassionate heart and cares about people and their pets.

Bob is also involved in the Idaho Humane Society Inmate Dog Alliance Program of Idaho (IDAPI). He transports dogs to and from the prisons for training by the inmates. He also participates in the dog graduations and finds joy in seeing the graduating dogs go home with their adopters. His dog, Woody (shown in the photo) is a graduate of the program.

Bob keeps active by walking dogs for us. He has great dog handling skills and dogs instantly like Bob. While dogs are admittedly Bob’s true love, he also enjoys caring for cats and other pets in his care.




Tory’s husband originally wrote to us when he saw our ad seeking employees. He said that the job was made for his wife! We couldn’t resist meeting Tory. And, her husband was right! The job is a perfect fit for Tory. She loves animals deeply. She gets her “pet fix” by pet sitting. Not that she should need one…she has three dogs at home already. But, her husband is grateful that she gets to spend time with cats, too.

Tory is really “into” pet sitting. She talks and talks about the pets in her care. She loves each and every one of them! In fact, she adopted Ellie, the dog shown with her in the photo, when the owner needed to rehome her. Ellie and Tory scored on that one! Ellie will enjoy a life full of love, hugs, swimming, hiking, camping and lots of affection around the dog centric home she is now a member of.


Michele Rosario 1Michele has a lifetime of experience with animals. There isn’t much she wouldn’t do for her critters. As a child, Michele had many pets including Siberian Huskies, cockatiels, guinea pigs, hermit crabs, and goldfish. Like many girls, Michele always wanted a horse, but being a part of an Air Force family meant too much moving around to make owning a horse practical. She took horse riding lessons instead. At age 14, Michele received her first cat, and has been in love with them ever since. Michele’s passion for cats spread to her family who are now bona fide cat enthusiasts, even caring for feral cats in their neighborhood.

Michele’s own two cats are always on “sniff patrol” when Michele comes home from her job caring for other animals. Both cats are rescues. Michele brought Fozzie (white) with her back to Boise from NYC when Michele moved in 2014. Sugar (tortie) came from the Idaho Humane Society. Michele also keeps two Betta fish. Michele considers cleaning the aquarium and watching the fish swim around the plants forms of therapy. Because the two fish are separated by a divider in the tank, Michele’s therapy is uninterrupted by fishy arguments.

In addition to pet sitting and enjoying her own pets, as time permits, Michele volunteers with the Idaho Humane Society. Michele’s interests do extend beyond animals, as well. She’s a singer and a member of several choral groups with her mother.


dawnDawn’s first dog, Sunny, showed up on her doorstep during a hurricane evacuation. After failing to find his owner, Dawn adopted Sunny. He was a wonderful hound dog that traveled all over the country with Dawn and her husband. Prior to Sunny coming into Dawn’s life, she always considered herself a cat person, but now says it’s a toss-up!

Like many of the other pet sitters on the team, Dawn has been rescuing animals her entire life. Her most fond memory was sneaking a neglected goat into her bedroom at age 12. Her parents will never forget that one!

Dawn currently shares her home with 4 rescued cats and a very energetic Walker hound puppy, Daisy. Dawn has lots of experience with working at vet clinics in the past, as well as volunteering for pet rescues. Animals are just part of who Dawn is.

When she’s not busy with her own pets or working for The Pet Sitter of Boise, Dawn enjoys hiking and camping with her husband and dog. Another interesting tidbit about Dawn is that she has lived in 49 of the 50 US states! She plans to stay in Boise long term now, however.

Dawn calls herself an equal-opportunity animal lover…she loves all animals and plans to always work with them. Dawn covers SW Boise and surrounding areas for The Pet Sitter of Boise.


Shannon’s love is something she was born with. The first pet she fell in love with was her grandma’s cat, Nelly, a beautiful Himalayan.  Shannon’s first personal cat was Dusty, whom she adopted from San Francisco Animal Control because she was so shy she hid in the back of the cage. Shannon always had cats growing up and now.

Shannon currently shares her home with a rescued pit bull named Gracie, a Chihuahua mix named Cookie, and a one eyed 17 year old orange cat named Baby.

Shannon has a heart for pets needing to be rescued. When she worked at a grocery store in San Francisco, she helped trap ferals and other cats on the property and found them homes. Shannon has a special place in her heart for pit bulls in need.

Besides animals, Shannon loves to look for sea glass on the beach in San Francisco and she is an avid world traveller.

Shannon loves working for The Pet Sitter of Boise and especially enjoys reading messages from clients relieved that their pets are being well cared for. Shannon serves many parts of Boise and also serves as the company admin.


pam 2 (2)

Pam is Pam! And we love her! She is unique and quirky and has a standard of pet care all her own. But, that’s OK, it’s a high standard. Pam is an overnight care favorite who has quite a following! Her calendar is often booked up weeks in advance.

Pam has been involved in animal rescue for many, many years. She jokes that her husband almost divorced her the time she temporarily had 22 foster cats! Don’t worry….we did say “temporary.” All of her pets are rescues. Her dog, Petey, was on death row when she found him at the shelter. She claims he is the best dog she has ever owned. We agree…he’s a one in a million dog…thanks for saving him, Pam!

Pam is our team member who can be called on anytime, day or night, to jump in and help We are not sure she ever sleeps! She has been part of our team for over 8 years.


DavaA retired legal assistant, Dava relocated to Boise about two years ago. She has loved animals since she was a small child and is someone who truly loves the opportunity to care for what she calls “her little furry friends.”

Dava is responsible, friendly and pays close attention to detail to make sure all is well as she cares for pets.  One of her hobbies, photography, comes in handy while she attempts to capture that perfect photo for our clients.  Her goal is to make sure our clients feel secure while they are away, knowing that their little family member is safe and happy while in her loving care.


ThereseTherese cannot remember a time in her life when her family did not include both cats and dogs as family members. Currently, she and her husband share their home with two cats; Lucky and Reno, and two dogs; Fargaux and Beau. All of their fur children are seniors, Reno (kitty not pictured) is their  youngest at age 11, Fargaux, their Standard Poodle is 13+, LuckyGirl  (kitty not pictured) will be 14 in May. Their oldest is Beau…their puppy fake out (they call him the Dick Clark of dogs) is heading toward 16. They love and spoil them all!

Two of Therese’s favorite things are walking and dogs and to combine the two, there is little in life better than that for her!

Therese also feeds and watches out for three feral cats,that live along a ditch/canal in Eagle. Their welfare is very important to her, especially during the winter months. We love Therese’s compassionate heart!

Therese and her husband moved to Eagle, July 2008 from Fairfax County, VA. Therese also enjoys hiking and snowshoeing.


tomi-for-web-11-6-16Animals have been a part of Tomi’s life from day 1. Tomi’s parent’s first 4-legged “child” was Suki, a small black mixed breed dog. Suki and Tomi were good friends throughout Tomi’s childhood. Suki lived to be 18 years old! Tomi grew up in Wyoming and was often seen around town riding Penny the mule. She was around a wide range of animals from cats and dogs to the more exotic, hermit crabs and parakeets.

Tomi’s current pet is Ronald Norman Weasley, an orange tabby named after a Harry Potter character. Ronald has a huge personality and even has his own Instagram page! Tomi says she and Ronald had an instant connection at the Idaho Humane Society, when Ronald bumped noses with Tomi, that sealed the deal and she adopted him.  Besides her love of animals, Tomi loves hiking in the foothills, cooking, reading, and volunteering in the community. She also loves anything Harry Potter! Working for The Pet Sitter of Boise allows Tomi to get her pet fix as having just one pet of her own does not seem like enough.


EErin Argyle 8-30-16rin is an animal lover through and through, so much so that you can see animals in every aspect of her life. Not only does Erin have pets of her own, but she worked at a vet clinic, and volunteered at the Palouse Area Therapeutic Horsemanship program (PATH) , is a certified marine naturalist, and is obsessed with foxes! Erin has had many animals in her life including cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, fish, dogs and horses. Her first pet was an orange Tabby named Tigger. Tig was what we like to call a Cat Dog…a cat that acts like a dog. He liked to play fetch! Smudge and Casper are two dogs currently part of her fur family. Erin admits that cats are her favorite pet! When Erin is not pet sitting, or working at her other job, she enjoys horseback riding, singing in a choir, and going to concerts. Erin feels strongly about treating all pets in her care as if they were her own. She wants the pet owners to take comfort in knowing that she cares very deeply for their pets. Feedback from clients has proven time and again that the they see this in Erin and always request her for their overnight sitter. Erin serves SE Boise and other parts of the valley for overnights.


angela 1

We are pretty sure Angela was a cat in a past life! She understands their ways of communicating like nobody else! And she articulates and translates their body language for us to gain great insight and understanding into cat ways.

Angela loves Tabbies. As long as we’ve known her, she has had tabbies….all rescues from the Idaho Humane Society. Angela is a foster failure, adopting those she intended to foster until a forever person came along.

Angela pet sits part time and for fun. She is a professional technical writer in her real job. She writes incredibly creative texts to the clients. If you are lucky enough to get Angela as your sitter, you’ll love these fun updates.

Besides her interest in cats, Angela loves dance, art, reading, music and gardening.




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